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By oLjud
Modified foolars.

Hope it's the correct file, Vista put's file all over the HDD :S

saw now that the ipod-eject are stil avalible, it shouldn't be... doesn't work at the moment.
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I'm trying to figure out what components to use. :S I downloaded all from FooLars, but it's still not working properly, unfortunately.
hmm.... should only be FooLars components.
do u have latest Panel UI?

Make sure u have these components:
And change all "oljud"-code to"foolars" instead!
should work!

send an PM if it doesn't...
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What does the 1935 button do?
it's shuffle ;)
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HA ok. I always find shuffle the hardest icon to come up with. I remember using the original of this. T'was very fun to customize.
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Could you make this theme/config available?
I really like it :D
will be up as soon they updated the site complete... not possibly to fix an dl at the moment :(
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the download now is not complete? or am I wrong?

and what dll's are required?
needs the same as foolars.
i think's complete.
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I like how you have all the artists on the right side, thank you.
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