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All Photoshop (580 layers). As usual, download for full detail view.

Background from netcarshow. I need to get a computer that can handle these file sizes, this one's testing my patience :P
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This is brilliantly done, especially nice work on the headlights. I do feel that the non-vexelled background lets the piece down though - even a simple one would do it better justice than an edited photo.
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Thanks for the input. I've done simple color backgrounds on almost all of my other vexels, and got a lot of suggestions for a photo-background instead, which is why I tried it this time. Maybe this isn't any better :P
this is very nice! But I don't think this is an Evo.. It's only a Lancer EX. Still, great job on the lighting esp on the wheels!
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Looks great, awesome work!
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You are still making your outlines too big. :P
I guess that is your signature touch lol.

Really nice though, there are a few little patchy spots here and there when you look at the full view, but, overall, a pretty good execution.
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My car is so beutiful
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