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Published: September 3, 2013
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it's a really big accomplishment for me.
i've been working on this so hard for such a long time, and i really hope you like it.

last pannel is totally based on some picture i found at the internet, don't mind me ;w;
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Passing by years later to say this is one of the most emotion-invoking images I've found, and I've spent a fair part of these last years browsing the internet for ME-based art. Goes well with my recent playthrough. Thank you.
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Elizabeth-De-WittHobbyist Digital Artist
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What really blows my mind, is how subliminal you are with the symbolism... 
It seems like the end of the road for Shepard, beaten bruised and scarred. At that moment, alone, in all of the entire universe there's only this moment and this one person.

Then the memories, the life, the people, that got her there.

Humanity, the Alliance, origin and genesis. 

Cerebus, for all their faults, still proof that nothing is without merit.

Criminals, proof that there is always chance for redemption.

Samara, finally one with Eternity.

Indomitable, uncontrolled but with direction. 

Protheans, part of the past, but also the present. 

Mordim, poor Mordim, carrying the sin of a billion murders. Finally free.

Beginnings, new chances from the dust of others.

Threats, but also hope. Creator and destroyer, part of the same coin.

*Friends*. All of them.

Salvation, requires martyrdom, martyrdom requires martyrs.
A life that was worth living, full circle, the end of the beginning. 

I may be off, I know people sometimes project their own ideas of art. The only symbolism I really didn't get was the person standing in between Jakira and Liara. Either way, thank you profoundly for this piece! 
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vircophHobbyist Writer
"The only symbolism I really didn't get was the person standing in between Jakira and Liara."

I think that it is the sculpture of the goddess they found in Thessia, unequivocal link between Protean and Asari cultures.
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Oh my mistake then, thank you. 
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Advent3546Hobbyist General Artist
Powerful stuff. Strong words from my brother in arms too.
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with the synthesis end to me Shepard is not dead he is just not apart of everyone
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This really is a masterpiece, I especially love how determined Shepard looks in the second last panel.
 I was so sad after finishing ME3, but looking at beautiful fanart helps :)
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Found this in my map of favorites. I didnt know it was so long, got feels and chills all over again for each scroll. Shed a tear when I saw garrus :3
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This is really awesome. I love how thought out this piece is. Magnificent work!
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The feels have returned. 
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I love how you grouped the characters.  Tali, with the moon behind her, and Legion above her, looked like it would fit in Quarian history as a nearly-religious icon.  The feels in this picture are truly strong.
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All legends begin somewhere...
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mission1rwhProfessional General Artist
Noooooooo I just started crying! That was like playing the ending for the first time all over again! *gross sobbing*
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It's been long since I finished ME3 but this picture brought all those emotions back. It's beautiful, absolutely amazing!
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To wzbudza zdecydowanie zbyt dużo feels'ów. Zwłaszcza, że właśnie zakończyłem Mass Effect 2 i biorę się za trójkę D:
Ta praca to prawdziwy młot, jedna wielka bomba. Szczerze gratuluję, ponieważ wyszło rewelacyjnie. 
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Perfect, thank you for sharing this. Simply beautiful.
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i feel like i was hit with the feels train. very nice work!
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Shindenshi Traditional Artist
The Feels!!! I get weepy every time I look at it!
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I got really emotional as it got farther to the bottom. My poor chest got tighter and tighter. 

*sobs quietly in the corner*
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Ugh, this was beautiful.  always loved the relationships you form in Mass Effect and this strip captured them perfectly. Beautiful job
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