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Edit: Awesome! Just a couple days after uploading this, I was featured in Comics Alliance's "Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)". Go check it out!

Because nothing says good times like climbing ladders and standing on the roof. (I may have a slight fear of heights.)

New cowl! Made it the night before the shoot! Happier with it than the old cowl, but still not happy with it. Ah well.

Anyways! So this photo is from the shoot I did with Jenn of *dangerousladies, ~JJABarrett, *gillykins and ~Stargazer-Gemini on June 29th. I've gone through the singles and couple shots, so I'm trying to get a few of those up. As I mentioned in my journal, they're all up on my Facebook page, if you'd rather not wait for me to upload them.

This photo was taken by ~JJABarrett.
Cowl, gloves and boots made by me.
Suit and cape are by Heroes in Tights
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Jun 29, 2011, 7:14:52 PM
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Batgirl after a perpatraitor?
BabsDC's avatar
excellent job cosplaying Babs! :)
Richpartist's avatar
Love that angle,its like "I'm coming up there to beat the crap out of ya" look. :)
Regis-AND's avatar
Very creative pic, and wonderful costume!!!
yunalightL's avatar
looks so professional :O
Olivias-Atelier's avatar
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So beautiful!! ^^
Can I ask you how did you made batgirl's mask?
Olivias-Atelier's avatar
I'm not really sure how to explain it, but I'll try? This one was done by having two side head pieces that almost looked like lollipops? and then a long strip down the middle. I put a slit in the back and cut the mouth and eye holes. For the ears/horns, they're sculpted from sculpey and then attached to a headband. They poke out through holes in the top. (An idea I got from the *dangerousladies [link] )
Hope that helps a little bit. ^^;
hanafio's avatar
Ooo! I understood! Thank you very, very much ^^
I assure you, it WILL help! C: It is much clearer now u.u
Before graduation, at my school, we do a silly competition between the classes of the last year;
every class must have a theme, we play some absurd games and we do also a sort of ballet in costume, all on theme! At the end of the day some teachers judge the whole thing and the best class wins.
I convinced my classmates to be superheroes XD and I am Batgirl ^ ^
So thanks again and, it was really useful ^^
A lots of hugs <3
Olivias-Atelier's avatar
No problem! Glad to help. :)
CatSpringer's avatar
Yay! Save me, please.
HarleyTheSirenxoxo's avatar
So adorable :squee:!!! I wish you lived near Red and me we could take some great pictures! I doubt a professional cosplayer would want to do a photo-shoot with amateurs though. :giggle: :hug: - Harl xoxo
Olivias-Atelier's avatar
Pfft, definitely not a professional. Just a hobbyist. Though this costume has been sold off, so no Batgirl until I actually get to make my own suit.
Thanks though!
HarleyTheSirenxoxo's avatar
You really do look ah-mazin' as Batgirl! :squee: :hug: We should all meet up at a con sometime. :party: I bet your suit will look amazing when you're done! Let me know if you have any pointers on how to make a cowl! - Harl xoxo :heart:
TeenTitans4Evr's avatar
Holy spot-on cosplay Batman!
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That truly is worthy of the accolades it has received, both as a great action pic and for your costuming and acting skills.
batty9999's avatar
you are more than welcome
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