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This feature is for all the happy couples in the world, the love shared in families, and for the good friends.

I am already 5 months together with the most awesome man in the world. He makes me feel like a little princess from day to day, and the great excitement before seeing him never stops. 
We are planning to move together, after such a short time, we know, but the feeling is just right!

Listen to this song while viewing this feature: 

This is us:
DSC 0231 DxO11 copy1 copy1 by OliviaMichalski


love the mood by MartaSyrko
... by Frozen-photo
herbstkinder by riskonelook
830 by Nigrita
1 by Sssssergiu
thinking back by Rona-Keller*** by Tarasov
Warmth~ by shokoshock
ID by absentii
they by MartaSyrko
The Groom by dkokdemirKasia i Przemek by siwymortis
Photobooth Time by JennaMK

kiss me like I do by MotyPest
Life Companion by micecatfchh by cilveki
Wedding Art Photography by Sssssergiu
Jealousy by kmcdon3960The two of us by Rajmund67
. . .... .. ....           ....  . by Frozen-photo
autumn love by C-h-r-i-s-Pu p s t a i r s . by XeroLp
kiss by MartaSyrko
autumn sun by Rona-Kellerthrough different eyes by Rona-Keller
t a l e s . o f . b e a u t y . by XeroLp
20120702 by ZYXikAutumn showers by iNeedChemicalX
*** by Tarasov
Untitled by I-Heart-PhotoForever You And Me by Vint26
Wedding by ownroom
Wedding Art Photography by SssssergiuSisters by Daizy-M
WEdding by Khomenko
- Walking our dog - by UNexperiencedlove by MartaSyrko
golden autumn II by RainySelection

.. . . . .     ..... by Frozen-photo
Hold me tight by luciekout
Suan Luang by palmbook
Spaceship by A-ParrotTogether by KonradJanicki
Fields of Love by I-Heart-Photo
.:: Summer love ::. by Whimsical-Dreams
Rome by HeySun
Sync by KrisVladHome is just another word for you by iNeedChemicalX
together by zznzz
Sky for two by lesyakikh
In the Lake by boriszaretsky
Mon Chevalier by Knajfer
Fireflies. by kittysyellowjacket
Vintage Dreams by bigbear74
LOVE. by Squinsy
1 by luciekoutComing Home by JaclynTanemura
to keep warm by EvsuVdo
Swing a sweet song. by kittysyellowjacketTaM by Myra-cz
Petals by KayleighJune
white mood by NataliaCiobanuLove is in the air by Torsten-Hufsky
our by MartaSyrko
Together by KayleighJuneThe First Trial by disillumen
Together by luciekout
Three by nikosalpha
The kiss by NataliaCiobanu

Thank you for these beautiful artworks.

Share the love by giving a favourite! It would mean a lot to me.


© 2013 - 2021 OliviaMichalski
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C-h-r-i-s-P's avatar
thank you so much for the feature! :heart:
palmbook's avatar
Thank you very much :) Very touching gallery :D
OliviaMichalski's avatar
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
:aww: Thank you kindly for the feature, sweetie! :heart: I absolutely love your features too! :hug:
OliviaMichalski's avatar
JaclynTanemura's avatar
Thank you so much for including my work :)
OliviaMichalski's avatar
RadishStick's avatar
Thank you very much for creating this! I think I lost about an hour and a half clicking photos and discovering the photographers! A beautiful journal. How wonderful it is to love. :)
cilveki's avatar
thank you for the feature! I'm glad to see my work here <3

have a nice day!
OliviaMichalski's avatar
catgirl921's avatar
Wonderful feature,but they make me sad. :( I want to find that special someone that  I can spend the rest of my life with,but it hasn't happened yet.
 I however wish you and your boyfriend the best! :heart: :hug:
OliviaMichalski's avatar
Thank you!
Well, love is not always very obvious. Sometimes the dream partner is just a step away!
rosaarvensis's avatar
You know, no one makes such wonderful features as you do :aww:
UNexperienced's avatar
 very nice collection indeed but  iam not sure if my piece is worth it to be there:)
OliviaMichalski's avatar
Of course your piece is worth it!
UNexperienced's avatar
thx for kind words:)
Beautiful features :love:
My pleasure Oli :hug:
mandarinchenx's avatar
Eine wunderschöne Zusammenstellung der Fotos und auch ein sehr passendes Lied dazu. Gibt mir ein wenig den Glauben an die Liebe zurück und daran, dass es sich lohnt darauf zu warten.
Ich wünsche euch beiden alles Gute und wenn es sich richtig anfühlt, dann gibt es auch nichts dran auszusetzen :heart:
OliviaMichalski's avatar

Ja, die Liebe ist stark, und das ist das Einzige, woran man glauben sollte!
shokoshock's avatar
Such a beautiful feature! Thank you so much for letting me be part of it. I'm hugely honored! :heart:
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