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DISCLAIMER: There is strong language, might be sensitive to others, and some cringe.

Hey guys, happy new day of spring, I was busy with school and some other stuff I will not mention here. Today, I'm going to do a serious journal, because this is important, and you guys shouldn't do this as well.

So basically this person named Emi has been harassing KayApple-Chan123 , me, Yeetymon, Rosebeani, and IrkenOverlord.
This has gone way too far, since Emi needs to know that she is doing the wrong. I know she can change, but it's not happening if this keeps up.

She then harassed Rosebeani over some simple critics, which is not okay. I get if people were not making it constructive, but she was. She was telling her not to trace art and also the effects, and Emi just brushed it off if it was just a flea. Which it is not. 

She also told Yeetymon to kill herself. Seriously, WTH? She's done nothing to you, just pointing out that tracing is just shaming yourself and not improving. I get when people give permission to use their styles or use their bases, but Emi didn't get any permission. 

She also turned a harmless joke into a cruel insult and used it on KayApple-Chan123. The "joke" was: "Kayla was the apple that fell far from the tree. She's just a sore little idiot. She's also just an attention fangirl and a girlish jerk." Like really? Kayla was literally crying for about an hour, messaging me, telling me everything. That just wanted me to yell at you, but I can't since we're in different countries. Kayla even used to be her friend, HA, THAT'S IMPRESSIVE FOR EMI. But Kayla realized the proof, and changed over time. I think Emi needs to realize that what she's doing affects the lives of others. I literally have to go on at the school library to DA, and guess what I see? You shitposting. Or what's close to it. 

Also, she even told me I was a pedophile. I'm under the age of 18, I'm not an adult. However, Emi claims she's 18. In her country(or in mine, for what I know) she counts as a legal adult. She was also constantly jumping from girl to girl that were under the ages of 18, to date. That's real pedophillia, and that's disgusting. She even told me to just leave DA and disappear. Like, WTH? Are you serious? Telling someone to disappear forever is just SICK. I think Emi is cold and insensitive of others. Over some SIMPLE criticism, she just yelled at me and my other friends. She also doesn't show proof that I'm any of those things, so she doesn't have a valid argument. 

There's going to be more later. See ya my noodles :3

UPDATE 1: I made a live stream on YouTube, here's a link.

UPDATE 2: Oh wow, my girlfriend just told me yesterday this.  Emi was telling how my gf was "supposedly" her waifu. Wow. Emi, you're a pedophile. I made another livestream, but Emi could go to jail for this. I swear, if I WANTED TO, I could contact the police and they might even get involved. But I don't since that would be shady. Yeetymon is uncomfortable with people calling her hot, gorgeous, beautiful, darling, honey, sweetie, etc. I, as hers, only call her senpai, cute, or nicknames from her name, which is Shantelle. Emi, if you're reading this, you can't turn the time around, since you already tore everyone, yes, EVERYONE ON DA, apart. The only way to change now is either deactivate, or change. It's the only way you can redeem yourself. I believe you can change, but you reuploading art, harassing all my friends, harassing everyone, it's near impossible. Fricking MIDNIGHT, 3 AM, or almost in the morning, you keep texting me with some SHIT that I don't want. You literally harassed my internet cousin, KAYLA, with some stupid shit. Like, WTH? She was crying so much, you have literally no idea, how much she cried. AN HOUR. Even my own mother, knows about this. She says that you shouldn't be on the internet being such a pedo to everyone. Emi's parents might even see this, but Emi doesn't know that. She's too insensitive to know that. If Emi's parents see this, they are going to literally BAN HER from the internet. I'm serious. You are telling lies about my gf here about how she's an adult, so you say it's okay for you to think she's hot. You are scaring her with this, she's literally terrified, she's going to block you one day. All because you can't handle the fact that we are right, and you're not. Emi, you could literally go to prison for hitting on underage girls. Seriously, you call yourself an innocent little girl. Girl? You're a WOMAN! You need to understand that doing this is not okay. 

UPDATE 3: Oh wow, I got another text from my girlfriend. She said that Emi posted a note saying:
"but i have no friendssss my classmates bully meee
and also i like someone so it means im taken! and that person is sansy but i hope u accept waifu request?"

Like, wow. If you have no friends, then why did you say you like someone and that person is sans? And you also said, "but I hope you accept waifu request?" Stop hitting on her. She has a girlfriend. Me. So please just stop. That's proof that Emi is well, trying to get my gf to be her waifu. Well, stop. That's not going to work. She's not friends with people like you. She's friends with people that haven't done shit to her friends, or anyone. She HATES it when people call her hot or anything that's making her uncomfortable. You keep harassing Rosebeani, and she's also pissed at you. All of this could be solved, with a simple apology. Like, one that you mean. If you put a fricking EMOJI in your apology, then nobody's going to take you seriously. Also, just letting you know. Saying f*ck yourself, isn't as bad as saying kill yourself. F*ck yourself just means go away. Kill yourself means get off the world and never exist again. See? There's a difference. Yeetymon is literally terrified, for you telling her she was a "gorgeous waifu" when she really hates it when people say it. I just call her nicknames or call her senpai, or some other nickname I will not mention here. Like a real girlfriend would do -_-

UPDATE 4: My friend Brigette/Jojo has come. She created a DA account called x-oJojo. If you haven't met Jojo yet, you totally should! She's one of my best friends. So please feel free to give her a watch or whatever you like. She told me that a lesson that Emi needs to learn that she can't do this and ignore all critics, because how will you improve yourself? Emi needs to learn that being a pedophile and hitting on underage girls is not okay, the fact you could get AIDS from it. If you don't know what aids is, you don't have to know. Only teens/adults should worry about it. Emi even lied that Yeetymon is an adult. Since WHEN has Yeetymon even revealed her age? Never. However, I know her IRL. So Emi's lying. What I know and what Jojo knows is that she's a teen. So am I, so is she. Because if this 18, then she needs to stand up, take a very deep breath, and ACT MATURE. Because that's what I'd do in the exact same situation.

UPDATE 5: Now we have IrkenOverlord, Mama Hella here. She commented on Emi's profile, "Perhaps you shouldn't trace or steal artwork?"
Emi responded with that she didn't steal my draws or anyones draws. Even my parents know about this drama, and my mother says you shouldn't be in DA because the way you act and you say you're 18. I'll tell you this: You aren't fooling anyone. You're not 18. 

UPDATE 6: I got a text from my internet friend in chat, LilliannaDreams. She said she's quitting DA because of Emi. Wow. Emi, if you're reading this right now, I hope you realize that you made my friend Lillie to quit. Seriously, I might as well. Even my parents know about you and they said to me that you shouldn't be even ON the INTERNET, THE FUCKING INTERNET, because you hurt my INTERNET COUSIN. You even said I was an immature person who should die in a hole. Kayla wants to KILL HERSELF, BECAUSE OF YOU. We're literally done with you. If you just understand what we're trying to help you with; trying to make you understand that doing this is not okay. You tried to commit ADULTERY with my girlfriend, and telling lies about her, telling us to kill ourselves, when you can't handle the fact that you committed a sin. I guess you don't like knowing the truth, I guess.

UPDATE 7: Aaaahh, this one's serious. Kayla as you know, WANTS TO KILL HERSELF BECAUSE OF EMI. She's done one of following listed down.

-cut herself
-self harm
-failing school

UPDATE 8: I cried yesterday when she broke out the news...

Kayla lost a lot of blood from cuts, which she did on attempts of suicide. She blacked out and now she's in hospital in UK. 
She used her phone to text me, and she told me that she's on life support in order for her to breathe normal. 

This has become serious, from this:

-Trace artwork
-Steal artwork
-Being such a mary sue
-Sans fangirl
-Backstabber/#1 best fake friend

To what is now..

A murderer. Emi, you nearly KILLED YOUR FRIEND, from cutting her arms. I wonder what parents think of you, doing your fucking bullshit. I can't take it anymore. I literally quit Hangouts, BECAUSE OF YOU! So I could have more time to focus on you and your fucking attitude, your fucking harassment, and your fucking logic. Like really? I'm 13, and you say pedophile? Let's take a trip to GOOGLE AND SEE WHAT PEDOPHILLIA REALLY IS.



Pedophilia, or paedophilia, is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. 

Yeah, sounds like you alright. Also, I am NOT A CHILD. I am 13, a teenager! I'm fucking tired of people calling me pedo because of how I act and how old I am! Seriously, if you have a problem with me, don't talk to me then. Use it.

Also, if you didn't know, prepubescent means children who are going through puberty. You could take Jojo for example. Sure, she's 4 months and 3 days older than me, but early teens(where we are) start developing. Younger girls usually develop when they are about to go to middle school. You hit on my underage gf, who is STILL GOING THROUGH PUBERTY. You are a fucking adult Emi. You already went through puberty.


Now that I think about it, now I know why you put GIGANTIC BOOBS ON YOUR ART. And they had to be SHOWING. That is just sick. Also, if you're like 10 or something, then ew. 10 year olds knowing about hentais, pornography, and sexual reproduction is just disgusting. I mean, literally. You told me hentai films were fun and entertaining. WHAT THE FUCK! There are literally little girls, dropping their panties, and literally NAKED in front of the screen! Like sure, I'm developing, but what the hell? You literally watch that and share it with underage girls and tempt them to watch that shit? You're just a pervert. You even sent me a NAKED PICTURE OF A GIRL, and you said it was your girlfriend. When you said that, what the fuck. WHY IN THE GODDAMN WORLD, WOULD YOU TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR GIRLFRIEND, WHO IS BUTT NAKED IN THE CAMERA?! Heck I have a girlfriend and I don't even like stalk her or anything or do shit like that. We chat online or at school. 


Like nobody wants to see your shitty art of naked girls. That's just disgusting. You even told me it helps you learn about the sexual reproduction system. Uh, what a LIE. YOU ALREADY LEARNED IT, in like, HIGH SCHOOL OR SOMETHING. So why are you doing this, exactly? To impress Shantelle? To get friends? You think that "pervy sexualized ra*e" bodies make you cool and attract lots of hot men. Uh, actually honey, you're not impressing anyone. Everyone is just EYEBLEEDING IN YOUR FACE right now. They wish they never saw your shit. If I was one of those men, I'd literally run away. No one wants to see you completely nude in front of like the entire Europe. Because your PROFILE, YOUR FUCKING PROFILE, is literally a playboy bunny. You don't know what a playboy bunny is? Playboy bunnies used to be cute, but now they are just fucking remotely sexual. When I was 9, I saw a cute version of it on my game iPad, which I use to reference to draw. But when I showed it to mum, she screamed. "Olivia! T-That's inappropriate!" I asked her about it later on, and now I'll NEVER DRAW THOSE AGAIN, that's for sure.

Shantelle is NOT GOING TO LIKE YOU FOR LOVING HENTAI AND ANIME PORN! She'll just think you're a closet pedo and you're dirty minded.

UPDATE 11: Oh my. fricking. gosh. WILL EMI EVER STOP?!

She even posted a fucking favorite of like, seduce tempting women. Need proof?

da faq by OliviaCxt

What the fuck is that? I mean...she's an adult..but why on public?

And ew..this journal..

da faq by OliviaCxt

Is she trying to have fucking INTERCOURSE with an inanimate character? That's just sick. This just proves how DISGUSTING EMI IS.


da faq by OliviaCxt

Again, BOOBS?!
When will this pervy deviant get off. 


Emi, you cruel hacker. You literally changed my GMAIL PASSWORD, so I can't even fucking login. Why are you even doing this?
How? Why?

Now I have to use my cringe email now. Because you're just cruel and selfish. -.-
Also, why are you hitting on my girlfriend? Yeetymon doesn't like you, so just stop pretending. 

Want to know PROOF?

Yeetymon and I have met in school for about two years, and now we're best friend. Emi, you literally just started harassing for one year, first on Discord, and now I QUIT IT because of you. Now, first you bothering Yeetymon, and now bothering literally me. Like, all you do is get your SHIT out of you. 

If I make a mistake or something to close friends, I own up to it. I apologize, and I mean it. You, act like a fucking PUSSY about it. Because that's all you'll ever do, and all you'll ever be is a pussy. (yes, I'm raging.)

It's sad most people don't care that my best friend/internet cousin is literally crying, on life support, and she lost blood. All because of you.
Kayla's going to pay back, even if it kills her. She's in the hospital, and you don't even know she got EXPELLED for having not enough money for paying the school. Why? Because you stole her MONEY. You stole her credit cards. You stole everything. From tracing art, to killing my friend. You are one. sick. child.

I know when people talk behind my back, I'm watching. From my past friend, he literally didn't care. I try to explain to the chatbox that something serious was happening, and nobody even listened. Everyone just said, "Nah you can handle it by yourself." Oh really? Easy for you to say, for people saying this. You don't know what it's like to see your friend FUCKING DYING, or being told to kill yourself. People LIED TO MY FUCKING FACE that they were my friends, and guess what? That is why you have no friends, emi. Because the turd you are acting.

UPDATE 14: I am so sorry for not being on for so long! School and shit bothered me so much u_u so yeah.

But do you see this BOI.

:O by OliviaCxt
It's obviously Nini-the-inkling art! Even she commented. Also Nini's style is consistent, so obviously it was stolen.
Seriously, DA is a salty website. Where the fuck are the moderators, boi?

fakaaaa by OliviaCxt

Now we have Nicole Antunes, commenting with EMI WITH STUPID EXCUSES. Also..what the fuck is Emi's pfp? Lemme take closer look..
brb by OliviaCxt
"uwu kissu kissuuuuu" 

My gosh, that is disgusting. Last time it was a playboy bunny, now it's a..NUDE GIRL?! What are you, Emi?!
I just want her to stop it, because this is prob the last straw I've had with her. Kayla hasn't texted me yet, and she's in the hospital with her mother, so yah, she's not on :T

I also noticed the bottom of her page. yeagar's art? Wow.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 5.10.00 PM by OliviaCxt

Really? And in bikini, you stole Georgia/Yeagar art. Wow. How do you even GET AWAY WITH THIS, are DA MODERATORS FUCKING SLEEPING?! Well, HELLO! We have a pervert scurrying around.

Will update when I get more info.

UPDATE 15: We have my internet sister TurtleSpinach1494 or Aditi, and before I update, please please please watch her or follow her! She is one of my best friends! ^w^

Anyway, enough of that o_o let's start.

We have her talking with Emi, and here's the shit I found.
turtlespinach by OliviaCxt
So thank you, my sis, for kindly EXPOSING Emi! However, that wouldn't even let Emi get away being the shitbag she is.

cringey by OliviaCxt

Uh, the only cringey shit we have is you and your logic. Also, how the fuck did I attack Emi? First of all, I was criticizing you. Not attacking you, bro.
You're the one tell me to KILL MYSELF over here. Literally, come on. 

UPDATE 16: We have Jodie here, or beetale. Please support her and please watch her, since she and meme family is also suffering from other dramas from Ava to.

Anyway, here's the proof that Bee commented on Emi's post.
Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 6.39.59 PM by OliviaCxt

So, thank you Bee, for supporting! I really appreciate it, so please feel free to give her loving support! 

Emi, however, said, "if u don't like me why do u care"

Uh, that's because this is a wrong choice, and your brain is too small to process that information? Why?
Bee wants to CONVINCE YOU that you are in the wrong. So please, don't be an Emi! You literally pressed Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V(it's command c and command v since I'm Mac user) and REUPLOADED Nini art! What are you gonna do next, steal someone's life?

UPDATE 17: Finally this EMI DRAMA IS OVER! Well guys, I hope she is official done with DA, and her mum found out. Now no more mentioning about this stupid Emi drama, let's MOVE ON!

See you later my noodles! Kitty kitty - happy happy 

EDIT: I did some research, and now I know Emi is eleven. Well, she got banned, OH FINALLY~

And now I found the passcode in her account. So I am going to log in and see what she has been posting.
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