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I'm sorry for ruining things.
I bother things too much.
I deactivated because I thought everyone would love me better if I wasn't here.
If anyone regretted having me as a friend for one moment please speak! 
I really am sorry everyone.
I moved to etherealling.

I bothered things so much.

I'm so sorry...

Please give me another chance if anyone can...

If not then I'll leave.

Please just don't treat me like this anymore...
I’m on vacation and I’m got a temporary job as a art tutor in China and I’m helping my grandfather who has lung cancer, so I’m not going to post art or even be here for about 2 weeks. So ye, bye! 
1. do you hate me
2. do you care about me
3. am i too talkative
4. am i annoying
5. am i rude
6. should i kill myself
7. would you miss me
8. would you laugh if i’m dead at my funeral
9. am i a horrible person
10. am i a burden
11. do you think i overreact a lot
12. would you stop me from getting a knife
13. do you think i’m nice
14. do you think i should die
15. do you think i am retarded



do you think i fake depression to get attention 
1. do you hate me
2. do you care about me
3. am i too talkative
4. am i annoying
5. am i rude
6. should i kill myself
7. would you miss me
8. would you laugh if i’m dead at my funeral
9. am i a horrible person
10. am i a burden
11. do you think i overreact a lot
12. would you stop me from getting a knife
13. do you think i’m nice
14. do you think i should die
15. do you think i am retarded



do you think i fake depression to get attention 
angelcutie12345 you now ask, “where do you live? can you send me you’re address? send me a pic of yourself, send me a pic of all your friends and hopefully when you and shanti break up, i can be with shanti! uwu” really? find something wrong with this question.

first of all, you can’t just ask someone you just met where you live especially when you don’t know them irl. second, you can’t just ask a picture of someone when you don’t even know them, and plus what if people aren’t ok with sending them their picture? if they aren’t just leave them be.

third, you ask to send a picture of all my friends? excuse you, i don’t do that. it’s totally not okay to send private information. now before we go on as a science tutor for little kids and internet safety, here’s something you can post.

now it is okay to post pictures on sites like facebook and instagram, but you should always keep them rated g. like something your grandma would approve, like some trees or your dog. keep your social media private, because there was a time where i didn’t keep it private and this guy asked me if i went to a local middle school, and i wondered how he got that question. then i realized in posts i posted my address. so i deleted it and put it private. 

what you can post -

~ pictures of your pets

~ pictures of food

~ pictures of clothes idk

~ pictures of stuff that isn’t private, like what you ate for lunch

what you can’t post -

~ pictures of nudes

~ blood/gore

~ sensitive content

~ hate speech

~ adress

 ~ your school

~ your family and yourself

fourth you ask if shanti and i broke up and if we did she could have shanti. excuse me but why would you assume something that has nothing to do with you, something you shouldn’t worry about. here’s my question. why in the goddamn world do you care so much about PRIVATE relationships? are you just going to copy us and not really achieve anything and just be an attention grabber? if the answer is no, stop talking about it and stop interfering with every single relationship, and next, don’t spread rumors and gossip about stuff that’s not even true. look you may be a nice person you’re just not a nice friend. i’m glad i wasn’t tempted from your friendship request. oh wait you’re none of those.

ava stop! i’m done with your dirty work. now think about it. what if you had a boyfriend and i started stalking you—you won’t like it right? NO! so you even said don’t stalk me but yet you stalk me. what a h y p o c r i t e.

oh wait you don’t care do you? NO, ALL YOU CARE IS STICKING YOUR LONG NOSE in to other people’s businesses! and ruining lives! ava you’re fucking 11, just stop it.
Read the latest journals, it’s been really hurting me. The reason why I’m so depressed is because half of it is the massive amount of stress people put on me to draw, but half is because I have bpd. Bpd is a disorder. Here is a picture, it can explain it better then I can.2c047548-f416-45ac-be88-edce61edeef1 by OliviaCxt
i have a lot of these symptoms. I can sometimes be really hostile so if I’m hostile toward you I’m really sorry. Like why can’t I say sorry like anyone else? And people blame me for being mentally sick. I can’t change the way I behave because I have depression bpd and anxiety. Imagine having them all. Depression is when you don’t give a fuck about anything while anxiety is when you care about everything to much. Imagine having both.

i hope you understand 
angelcutie12345 is Ava back again
angelcutie12345 is asking me if Yeetymon and I broke up. Well no we didn’t we’re still together. 

Angel, you need to seriously stop assuming/interfering with relationships, it’s totally not acceptable. Relationships like me and yeety have nothing to do with you so why should you care? 

You’re saying, “yeety don’t love you because she likes chimichangas more then her girlfriend” and I’ve hear rumors from you saying that she loves sans more then me. Actually that’s not true. You have no proof yeety likes a fictional fucking character. 

Stop saying yeety broken up with me and despises me. Stop saying we don’t love each other anymore. She does in the same way I do, and just because we don’t draw each other or talk that much. Firstly I’m in vacation where google hangout is prohibited with a firewall against it. Second does it mean we draw each other we are a couple? Our relationship has nothing to do with you and it’s personal so we don’t have to say what’s going on; not even my closest friends need to know. we draw each other when we feel like it. Like I draw requests when I feel like it but as a 13 year old who’s gonna be in high school soon and I’m studying for finals do you think I have so much time to do 4 requests before July; no. I will draw when I feel like it, you can’t pressure me. I’ve gone through so much pressure already and I will draw when I have time. Like dude, I’m not a robot who draws everything. I’m just a human just like every single fucking one of you!

im currently on vacation and visiting family, and I can’t text. Stop interfering with personal and private stuff. You even ask me about my girlfriend and how our relationship is going on and how you wanna know every second of my life. Stop stalking me. Really. Like you can view my profile all you want but you ask for every second of my life? Bruh.

you even say I’ve faking depression to get attention. You have no proof, even if I would’ve I would’ve fessed up. I got diagnosed with it when i was fucking twelve. Also stop asking about my disorders but if you want to know what I’m going through I’m open about that, but private info like where do you live or send me pic of yourself, ha, NO. 

And finally you ask if I’m single, like bro. Did you read my fucking profile where it said in big letters, “taken by yeetymon.” Yeety is tired of drama. I don’t want this to become drama. And it even say on your profile you’re Ava. The fuck?
im not single. I’m taken by yeety. Please stop interfering.

harassing angel is not going to help. I simply want angel to stop.

see ya my noodles! ^^ 
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I wanna die
wanna die
but don't really wanna die
you've been there
and you cared
making me a w a r e
all the pain in my brain
are all curses in my mind
it's enough
stop enough

Don't wanna die
Wanna die
I don't really wanna die
You were there
As I shared
All the pain that was inside

All of the scars
that were there
slowly heal and fade away
it's enough, it's all gone

Yeetymon <3

thank you
for everything
why can't I tell anyone what I'm really thinking?

I wanna tell my friends that I'm sorry

That I am who I am and it's not their business

And I'm sorry that I hurt all of you in the past

The part that hurt the most is that you can't tell anyone it

It hurts

It's like the knot in your throat is expanding
Sometimes I think this is weird
But is it weird
To go out at 12 AM
And walk out to the pool of your reflection
And ask
Where is the happiness in life?
You're looking for help.
My name is Starry Comet Moon.
How do I know that?
The moon told me.
I gaze up and look at the bright white moon.
It's smiling.
It knows you're suffering.
Moon wants to help.
He does.
I stare at the pool of reflection.
"Who am I?"
Only life can answer those questions.
You fall down in the pool.
And sleep.
Next day, it's still midnight blue
But it's morning.
You're floating.
Little fairies fly around
And sparkles are around you
You then realize
They're dreams.
You gaze at the Stardust, in the rainbow of colors.
One yellow dream shows a happy child winning a soccer game.
The red one is the nightmare, with a monster.
Orange symbolizes joy, while you see happiness in a child's eyes.
Green represents envy, you see a friend being all flashy.
Blue was a sad dream.
I wondered
As I looked at the purple dust.
It was a girl.
The girl was me.
Me, Starry?
The dust was so delicate.
The girl had the same light lavender hair 
Same eyes
Of desire and wonder
And the same raggedy purple nightgown I was wearing
I continued to sink in
Floating in the water
One by one
little tiny twinkling stars appeared
Oh how lovely they were
Shining bright
From the blue waters
I could see the stars
And then
As I slowly saw my body decomposing
I screamed
But the echo of my voice didn't break the water
For some reason
I wasn't really afraid of the decomposition anymore
As I took my final breath
And everything was black.
When I woke up, there were waters again
Only this time
The water was purple
Stars were laughing
One star fell down
It wasn't any old star
It showed who I was
I was part of the sky
I smiled
Even though I couldn't
But I knew I was.

Moral - The happiness in life is never far away.
so basically

studying for finals, so I won't be able to post awhile

good news - i can post in summer since no school

being a thirteen year old sucks man

ok bye
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this aint mine but eh so cool
My depression attacked me again....
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
The way people ignore me.
It's severe.
It makes me feel.
Not good enough.
I feel.
I do care.
I understand.
I understand.
If I didn't care
Why would I still love all the bullies after what they've done
Tell me
I just want one day, ONE FUCKING DAY.
Where I could be treated as equally like your other friends.
But of course I never will.
I'm not good enough for you.
I'm not worth your time.
Even you think that.
I'm annoying.
I'm such a waste of space.
I wear a mask.
But I'm dying inside,because I can't be myself.
I can't cry.
I can't speak.
My world had no color in it.
I don't want people to be stupid like I was.
I'm sorry...for all the pain I've caused...
Now....someone bring me a knife...
So I can stop being such a waste of space
And I can stop meddling into other's lives.
Being a shit to everyone.
To you.
Why can't people just listen...
They treat others different because they are
What does that say about them?
I'm sorry.
For everything.
I'll quit.
My art.
My life.
My dignity.
My purpose.
Can PEOPLE NOT. HATE. LGBTQ+ PEOPLE. God hates hate and discrimination. For those who are homophobic, biphobia, you're being vile. I'm a Christian. The Bible says, "God loves you all, no matter who you are. From the start of the day you were formed in mother's womb, you were given the right to love whoever you want." All people are equal. It isn't your God's will to hate other people for someone who is different and diverse. He would not want you to hate others just for different beliefs, would He? I'm not hating you, spreading hate, but this is a message to everyone who's homophobic and biphobic. There might be people in your school, who are lesbian, gay, trans, bi, pan, poly, etc. Just deal with it that people are those. People who think that those people are mentally sick, you're wrong. You're the one being mentally sick, thinking people should die, because of who they are. People, we live in a diverse community, and I don't want to live in a world where people scream their fucking organs out at people who are LGBTQ+ and hate them, setting a rival to take them down. How about we all change and accept everyone. >w<
Please know that I am NATIVELY Chinese and Japanese. 

I use my phone and tablet to switch languages from English -> Chinese -> Japanese.

Japanese Translation!

私はネイティブな中国語と日本語です。 私は、携帯電話とタブレットを使用して、英語 - >中国語 - >日本語の言語を切り替えます。

Chinese Translation! 

请知道我是中国人和日本人。 我使用手机和平板电脑切换英语 - >中文 - >日语。

People assume because I'm "yellow" meaning I'm a girl who got burned under the sun. No, that's just how my skin looks like. 

English is not my first language. However, I know English really good and I always wanted to learn French. 

See ya later! ^^
My full name - Olivia C. Zou

My sexuality - Bi

Am I a Christian - Yes, I am. I am purely Christian, and in the Bible, it said you can be Bi since Bi means you still love the opposite sex.

My age - 13 - 25.10.2005(lunar calendar)

Height - About 5'1

Girlfriend/Boyfriend - Shanti (owo)

Please do not ship me with - MeemeeBlox. I already have a girlfriend. The correct ships are in Flood Escapers are -

YeetyCxt - Yeetymon & OliviaCxt

MeemeeBuilder - AlanDBuilder & MeemeeBlox - FAKE SHIP(joke)

JoAkabane - Jojo & Karma Akabane - Joke Ship - Canon Character 

Race is - Chinese / Japanese (mom is 1/2 Japanese, Dad is 100% Chinese)

Hair - Mocha >w<

Mental illnesses? Yes. 

- Depression - I still have it. Fuck depression.

- BPD. Borderline Personality Disorder.

- Clubfoot - Got a surgery when I was a young child.


No. Tan. Pure. Asian. ^w^

Star butterfly?

Why the fuck is that a question-


miku is real 
I'm completely happy now! <3

Thank you to everyone out there, I love you all so much, make sure to have a great day/night! Miku Love [V1] 
Currently, I have: 92 Points 

I will be donating them to anyone who wants them!

Do NOT fight over them please (owo) I just got them from the fellow QuasiQuark he's the bank

I don't have a lot, so I might not donate a lot so yeah (owo)

I'm also starting a donation pool and hopefully, I get enough points to buy my friends a 3 Month Core Membership.

I really appreciate all your support! You have no idea how much this means to me <3 with all your support and your love given! <3Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 


Thank you to my amazing girlfriend Yeetymon for supporting me >w< I love you so so much Miku Love [V1] 

Thank you to the rest of my escapers - MeemeeBlox, AlanDBuilder, x-oJojo. You guys mean the world to me! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 

Thank you to Rosebeani, DarkDash67, itzrare, Mik-i, Lucky-Fennec, TunetiaDA24  and innxcents for helping me get through my depression(and now it doesn't really affect me anymore) thank you for lighting the way! Star Butterfly (gif animation) 

Thank you to Eric-ERG, ChloE-arthAnimates, TurtleSpinach1494  and elainexcupcake for comfort in the depression days >w< wouldn't have thought about it and changed without you guys <3 Sayori excited icon 

Thank you to KayApple-Chan123 for supportMonika normal icon and did know what I was going through, suffering from depression at the age of 15. 

Thank you to Emi(yes, I forgave her for everything) for helping me! Love you, my child ^w^ Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 

And most of all,

Thank you to all my watchers! I could NOT have been better without you and your loving support! Thank you for lighting the way! <3 [ Icon ] Hatsune Miku 

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Thank you for being so nice to me! <3

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