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Redraw of my art from 2016 by OliviaCxt Redraw of my art from 2016 by OliviaCxt
This looks so much better, however not satisfying at the same time.
Do not trace, recolor, or steal.*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry) 
Credit to-MedibangPaint Pro and mochatchi for the gif. 
If you plan to copy this–just don't do it. Why? Because it is my art and it is a huge burden for me that I worked hard on this art just for it to be stolen by another Deviant. And guys, stop trying to get away with it by making your art look different so nobody knows. It's not nice! And I've been copied, a lot. And when I told them they copied my art and politely asked for them to stop it, they just immediately said I was a jealous asian and told me that I copied their art. Who created it first? Check the date. It's not that hard. Look, I can't trust someone who copies/copied art in the past/present. You've got to make original art! It's not that difficult. If you need help, ask! Don't right click and save it! Everyone is going to know who copied it! And you're jealous for copying my art since you think you should be better. Be successful on your own. Because respect is not given it is earned. I'm sorry if people copied like, one art piece, but you've got to delete it before everything escalates and gets out of hand! So here's my advice
-if people allow you to copy your art, please add the original creator's name and link so they will know it's not copyright.
-don't copy art–you're just jealous
-be unique ok? it's not hard.

I hope this helps. Man, my hands hurt from typing this speech. Can I get some ice cream?
I scream - FREE ICON Choco-Drink - FREE ICON ice cream icon (F2U) Ice Cream Icon Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Neapolitan Ice Cream Sundae Ice cream :iwaant: A wintery wonderland, 4 a tard Ice Cream Rasberry Ice Cream Drip Rainbow ice cream Banana Split 1 
Credit to the creators of ice cream gifs

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December 4, 2017
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