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background by olivers-prayers background :iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 2 crystal by olivers-prayers crystal :iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 0 temp. crystal by olivers-prayers temp. crystal :iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 2
i looked
this is my wakeup call, you are my wakeup call
you're under my skin and you're making my heart beat
insanely fast,
it skips beats along the way.
i can't stop thinking about you,
every rational thought i've had has disappeared.
you've made me feel hopeless,
i'm weak at the knees and my stomachs in knots
my skin feels softer, my hair no longer pulls.
i guess i've fallen for you, hard and fast, over a concrete rooftop,
into the soft, green grass.
you've saved me, you've saved me,
from the cuts on the arms, and the bruises on my legs,
the constant blood flow and the tears streaming down at night,
the songs that make me made,
their lyrics that make me punch holes in the walls.
there's so many things i've changed,
so many expectationsthat i will never need to live up to.
i'm in your grip, i'm safe with you,
and the relief of the love and acceptance you bring
you drive me crazy, so crazy
there's a thought in my head
its love, its addiction, its pain and recovery.
you're the only thought on my
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 12
i embrace the unknown.
I don't yet know what you want from me...
And I'm not quite sure about what i want from you.
I do know that if we take some more time
That we could still be apart...
I know that it's not going to help me to have you,
You carry your baggage,
And I carry my own.
But now that I'm willing to admit that I want you,
I realise,
In myself,
That you're not what I need,
You're just an extra ontop of y life's basic package...
An emotion sold separatley.
Different, and easily broken,
A crazy luxurious item
I pine for.
You're one of a kind, and I want you
for my own.
I'm excited about the anticipation
of liking you, and growing, to
I know that you're hard to get,
Rare, and located in an
Far away from me.
But with all of our flaws, and with all of our
I wondered if I could distract you from hurt,
and if you could distract me from me,
and the places and people
that I love.
And maybe with each other
We could pretend that we were fine?
And I'll think of how
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 14
i will come to you by olivers-prayers i will come to you :iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 1 20
trace over these flaws...
     see to believe if they are true
          'coz i don't want to appear perfect
               'coz i'm not perfect...without you.
i didn't want to fall in love,
     i didn't ask to be let down,
          and now i'm tired of pretending
               that my smile is  n o t  a frown.
you kept me nice and warm at night,
     but now i just feel cold.
          is it just me, or were we young once?
               now you're gone i just feel...ol
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 2
the pimple poem.
am waiting, still
for these scars to go...
i wish someone
would outdo me,
outflaw me,
so then,
they would ignore me.
don't laugh,
it's not funny.
if i write about drugs,
then would you take me seriously?
i hate myself,
i want to do.
did that grab your attention?
i don't want you to notice me,
because i hate these pimples.
i want THEM to die,
because they grab what only drugs can grab.
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 6
Are we really all the same?
I assumed so all my life...
And change is not a burden
On my seemingly simple mind
creating a perfectly focused
to the lives of people I never knew
but grew up next to
all the same.
Assumptions kept me safe
from the curiosity
that takes me over, watching the boys,
or men, i'm not sure which,
playing poker at the kitchen table.
Who are these people,
the ones who surround me,
encasing me,
capturing me in their lives and minds?
i wish i knew,
but even though they are so
i'm afraid if i stare into their souls...
i'll be intruding.
Are they close?
i guess you have to be,
playing a game of tactic, keeping opponents close,
family closer.
How do you get that way?
Those first words, impressions,
A joke, did they laugh?
A rumour, had they heard it?
A common intrest which is false,
desperate, and superficially boring.
How can i reject their opinions,
Always curious what second chances held
And do they ever wonder about me?
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 0
killing the winter
i love the way the sun shines
and your chocolate-bar hair
captures its glow.
i love the gleam in your eyes
when you see something you love,
in the window of a shop,
or the soul of another person.
i love valentines day,
with you.
i hate when the clouds come,
because althought the skies are just the way i like them,
i can see how dirty your hair really is.
and i hate it when you empty your pockets for me
but you're still over $20 short.
you're out of your league.
is the june famine.
so i'll continue killing the winter,
just to cling to mid-february roses.
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 0
i wished this wasn't the same
as last christmas.
i wish we wouldn't love
in six-month lots,
but more realise,
that if we keep coming back for more
then something must be perfect,
something given to us,
only by each other.
or that i would realise...
that you must just be bored.
i wished you didn't get bored with me,
however, you say i'm always changing,
so maybe it is something more...
that you desire?
you get bored with life...
so you give life to what is boring.
i wished we knew what we wanted,
what we saw in each other
and how to get it without all the emotion,
the stuff that makes me want to...
kill you.
and so, this christmas,
i wished i owned a small piece of the sky
so i could set off fireworks,
and watch them fade away...
because the lights looked so pretty
this christmas...
even if you
with me to see them.
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 1 0
its not who you think.
we are,
no strangers
we, together, know all the words
to sex, at 4 in the morning.
and i'll scream at you
those words you hate
that you forced me
to first create
and no matter what,
we are NEVER
a stranger
to each other.
kisses that USE my neck,
oh, please, get me a doctor.
an expensive one, that can cure
your heart of ice...
the one that freezes
every part of me you
i am, no stranger.
but i guess no-one is,
to you.
and its funny,
but can only be expected,
that you would think this poem
is all about...
everything you think about now
is yourself, why not this too?
because its not.
its me.
and if it's got anything to do with you...
it's us.
why are you so quiet?
i hope you have NOTHING to say.
not around me, anyway,
all you ever said to me...
put your ass up further,
baby you know it's gunna feel better,
maybe even...
i'm insecure.
i think that's what you're meaning,
because that's what i'm feeling.
i dreamt i wrote this,
and i have to make the ending right,
so i can show it
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 1 4
i kept hiding from today
tried to keep myself safe
hid from all the things i knew...
but i knew i couldn't cope.
i stepped up to the top shelf,
only to get what would ultimately
kiss me, ruin me, destroy
all that i kept close to my heart.
lies and cigarettes
beneath me? not anymore.
putting myself in her shoes,
perhaps to understand her more?
or perhaps to pry his tears from his eyes.
oh, how i wish they fell, like mine,
pressed against my cheeks,
the makeup on my soul, again.
but it's not only me i think of,
we are both beneath this surface,
both of us with a past that somehow
tangles up between us...
keeps me
smiling while im up,
crying when im down,
and feeling when i'm putting on my faces,
cleaning up my rough edges,
my french tipped nails
that'll just grow short and chip
there's something just not right
he says he's sorry but i just don't trust it
i love him too much to doubt him,
and i'm not too tired to lie.
this has gone too far already,
i don't want to dig in de
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 0 9
Black, red, Darkrooms,
Old love, and Heir-looms?
Freaks, Geeks, and Pretty Girls,
With piercings and tattoos, Blonde hair with curls,
Icy greens, Mints with blue,
Fill in the blanks, question mark clues?
Life is the game, checkers and dice,
Thick. Pink. Lips...don't think twice.
One, two, i used to love you,
Three, four, not anymore.
Boxes of ink, that say all the same things,
Tick, Tock a pendulum swings.
Love me, Love me, keep my eyes tightly closed,
My soul has holes in its pantyhoes.
Freaks, Geeks, And Pretty Girls,
Piercings, Tattoos, and Blonde Hair with curls.
Neverland, Wonderland, fly...and grow BIGGER.
Lost boys and teacups, imaginations and thinkers...
Time for discovery, makeup and boys,
put away your old lusts, dress-ups and toys,
Put on his high-heels, its a walk in the park,
Bright red lips, feather boa...(no-one knows, 'coz it's dark.)
Freaks, Geeks, Damn Pretty Girls,
Piercings, Tattoos, Blonde hair with Curls.
Bloodshot eyes, smoking for peace....
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 2 10
Just like SUMMER.
Like the Summer Days......
Slowly drift away.
I can see that you're thinking......
                                But about What?
It's almost Autumn,
Days go fast, but we've caught them,
At their peak, they're getting colder,
                                And the nights are still hot.
But I always cry in the night,
Like the water in the oceans,
                                I'll cry here for hours.
And while I think, "Why
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 1 4
in a teary voice, she cried...
p l e a s e. . .h u r t  m e.
there's n o t h i n g else to do around here, but sing songs that make you want to s l i t  y o u r  w r i s t s .
and when they take those o f f the radio...
the absence of pain, and the coming silence...
its too noisy to hear the thoughts that come out of me,
a l l
o v e r
m y
w r i s t s .
just p l e a s e. . .
b r e a k     m e     a p a r t.
i can take being strong, it would give me s o m e t h i n g   t o   d o...
but being this fr a  g   i    l      e...
i kind of
c r  u   m    b     l      e
and i'd rather be    g  o  n
:iconolivers-prayers:olivers-prayers 1 3

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I'm so wasted on you..
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: newcastle, australia
Favourite genre of music: heavy metal
Favourite photographer: no clue...
Skin of choice: well, i dunno anymore...
Favourite cartoon character: spongebob squarepants
Personal Quote: poetry should not mean, but be | its not love unless u both feel perfect | for a low,you need a high
  • Listening to: The Beast - Angus And Julia Stone
  • Reading: Nothing =( I'm all out!!
  • Watching: Verious YouTube stuff..
  • Playing: Vortex on my iPod
  • Eating: Apple pie yumm
  • Drinking: Water.. The original and the best!!
Has it really been that long?
Well.. Unfortunately.. I submitted into the ways of the world (wide web) and joined MySpace. This is probably why I've forgotten you all =( I've even forgotten how to do the whole username linky thing.. Oh well. I'll learn again in time. Now I'm unemployed and have nothing to do all day other than babysit my ferret. I was thinking of deleting all my old stuff and starting fresh.. I'm still thinking about it.. But I probably wont lol.

I'm just gonna do this quiz thing that I did 2 and a bit years ago.. See if I've changed =D (plus I'm quiz obsessed now haha)

TEN Random Things About Me:
1- I had pink hair a couple of months ago, yes because I wanted to be Audrey Kitching.
2- I have a habit of collecting stupid keyrings.
3- I don't slip out of habits very easily.
4- A lot of my things get stolen. Like my old iPod.. My car.. My money is always going missing haha.. Amongst other things.
5- I had to run away from a door-to-door college art student last night.
6- New Year's Resolutions never stick.
7- I'm not very social seeing as I have so many friends..
8- I own a ferret named Kentucky Winston.
9- I'm still best friends with the same people I was best friends with in year 3,4,5..
10- Grace still probably has that growth.

NINE Ways To Win My Heart:
1- Don't buy me things. It's really unnecessary.
2- Listen to me and put up with all my crap.
3- Accept that Kentucky is alpha male.
4- Be happy?
5- Uhm.. This is hard. You should probably be good looking. That's always a bonus.
6- Smell nice.
8- Have impeccable fashion sense.
9- Be a fun person. Don't drag me down.

EIGHT Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1- Kiss you one more time.
2- Close my eyes and spin around in the rain.
3- Write a children's book.
4- Own a boutique in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. But probably Sydney.
5- Get catastrophically drunk with Mia. (just to make Diane PROUD)
6- Go on Big Brother
7- Cheer up, sad pants!!
8- I really just want to live a whole and happy life =)

SEVEN Ways To Annoy Me:
1- Disrespect me and use me. Actually, that won't annoy me.. That will make me hate you.
2- Walk away from me.
3- This one will take a couple of lines.. I am someone who makes plans. Even if I plan to do something an hour or so before hand.. I make plans and I act them out. But when I've been planning something with someone for a couple of weeks, then all of a sudden they turn around and say "oh, sorry I can't do it.." THAT is SO annoying. YOU'VE HAD WEEKS TO CHANGE. And now I'm stuck at home doing NOTHING.
4- Use improper grammar or misspell words. Like "your heeps beautiful." NO. NO NO NO NO NO THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THAT SENTENCE.
5- Don't lead me on.
6- Waking me up at 8am with loud noises like jackhammers.. That's the only thing I hate about living in town.
7- Be boring and saddd all the time..

SIX Things I Believe In:
1- God
2- Freedom
3- Beauty
4- Truth
5- Love?
6- Haha.. Laughter is always the best medicine.

FIVE Things I am Afraid Of
1- Earthworms lol.. Shutup
2- Dirty bandaids. Yeah, I know that everyone thinks they're foul.. But they make me wanna vomit everytime I see them. Even if there's a little bit of the old adhesive on my arm or whatever.. I feel ill.
3- Feet.
4- Burning alive.
5- Losing you. (so cliché.)

FOUR Favourite Items In My Room:
1- My mannequin's legs =D I don't have a full one, just the legs haha.
2- My various Subway paraphernalia..
3- My glory box (it's huge, and I made it myself!!)
4- My walls. They're like.. That fake wood stuff lol.

THREE Things I Do Everyday:
1- Pull my shirt on
2- Walk out the door
3- Drag my feet along the floor

TWO Thing I Want To Do Right Now:
1- Wash my hair
2- Stop Kentucky from eating all my custard lol

ONE Person I Want to See Right Now:
1- Geez.. One? Grace, still. I didn't get to see her in Tamworth =( OR idol. I love my idol.

That's me I guess.. I'll hopefully put some gear up soon, my lappy crashed so I lost all my stuff =( I've missed you, old friend!!


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