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Wabi Sabi 014

By Oliverri
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I'll also include little art stuff I do on here alongside the covers 
(Most of that sketchy stuff will be posted to my twitter anyway) 

Hey! Hope everyone's holding up during COVID-19, just this last tuesday was my 110th day in self-quarantine (along with my roomates of course, we're being very careful!) I've been pretty tired lately. One of my family members (a pet) passed away recently and I temporarily lost my job because of the shutdown. But I've been able to keep myself afloat alongside the hospital bills with some commissions (Thank you to anyone who got one!) But of course that means I have to portion my time between those and my comics (which already rarely update grumble grumble) 

That being said this update was actually pretty well paced, but took longer than usual because I modeled the entire guild in Blender! Every room that's going to have larger parts to play in the story has been fully recreated in 3D so I can take screenshots and paint over them haha maybe I'll do a little showcase on twitter...anyway!

Got really into watching minecraft timelapses the last few weeks of working on this one so there's that 

★ 014 is alternately called "Marceau talks about Guildmaster wigglytuff and produces sparkles"

★ also alternately "how many times can we say guildmaster and guild because there're no synonyms for them"

★ If you couldn't tell Wigglytuff is incredibly proficient in his field, every continent is familiar with his name as at least "someone impressive" as an explorer he's noted for some particular finds but there will be time for that. 

★ The interior of the guild's floors may also seem a bit confusing (hopefully not so much so that I lose my readers) but there will also be time for that

★ The Sleeping Quarters + Wigglytuff's office are loosely based from Studio Ghibli's Up on Poppy Hill "Latin Quarter" , as well as Yubaba's Office from Spirited Away ! The mix of cluttered luxury was the initial goal for Wigglytuff's guild (as they're extremely prolific, but very busy) 

★ As far as Fiasco goes, I'd like to introduce the guildmaster in his entirety with the next page / two pages (we'll see) then I'll work on Fiasco! (It should be faster now that the guild is modeled lmao) 

★  Wigglytuff

Illustrations, Adapted narrative © Oliverri
Pokemon © Nintendo, Gamefreak
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© 2020 Oliverri
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FairutaleHobbyist Digital Artist

THERE HE IS. THERE'S MAH BOI. Stealing apples from the kitchen.

xXunovianXx's avatar
xXunovianXxHobbyist Digital Artist

I love how there's all this hype and then the last panel is just a

duper derpy wigglytuff hoarding apples

AlbinoOtaku's avatar

I'm no art analyst, and I wish I was so I could properly express how much I adore your art! But, as a layman, I can say that every time you upload art, I leave it on my dash board for weeks on end just so it's the first thing I see when I check my feed.

The evolution of your art style has been such a joy to follow. Your backgrounds and use of color is so simplistic yet impeccably detailed. The way you are able to clearly and consistently characterize each of your characters through expression alone is always astounding. And! Your ability to blend comedy into both your writing *and* art style seamlessly is something that I am truly impressed by.

I can't wait to see the rest of this beautiful world you've created!

LuckyFy's avatar


As I was reading and admiring, I did wonder if you rendered the guild in 3D before painting, mostly out of concern for consistency (I'm already having a breakdown, and a WIP of mine is just a plain room, lmao). It's good to know that you did! It looks incredible!

That last panel though

And Marceau is adorable!

Noblejanobii's avatar
NoblejanobiiHobbyist Digital Artist


koiiqueen's avatar
koiiqueenHobbyist Digital Artist

i lov ur lighting so heckign much................... also i'd love to see ur process from using blender to painting it over as the bg!! what a god tier method.

TalaSeba's avatar
TalaSebaProfessional Digital Artist

I went back and read through this page a second time just now and I'm so glad I did. I always catch new things I never saw before, like the reflection on the hardwood floor in panel number 15 or all the details with the books and the clutter and everything. I can't wait to see the rest of the Guild layout!

Btw, how did you enjoy using Blender? I've been looking for something to help me do backgrounds better. I have experience with Google SketchUp, but I'm also suuuper rusty at it haha. I was wondering if Blender might be a better experience.

Oliverri's avatar
OliverriStudent Filmographer

Blender has been extremely useful! I'm not sure if you've had any prior industry standard 3D modeling experience (Maya, ZBrush, 3DSMax (I have a little Maya/Zbrush)) But it doesn't matter! It's accessible enough to people of every level and I think that's so nice.

There aren't any options to customize your viewport however (unlike ZBrush) so creating crazy perspective stuff is a little more up to how you use your screenshots when you put them in photoshop or sai. Overall it's pretty easy to use (I'm mostly using it for interiors because gun to my head I couldn't draw a straight line)

It also has in-program modeling so you can make a box and wiggle it around all you want in case you DO want to make a specific landscape.

For me it's totally worth getting, it's got a nice community that has tutorial videos and troubleshooting on most everything. (I would highly recommend a 3 button mouse as well!) and it's free. If you'd like me to go into more depth feel free to dm me!

mmizart's avatar

yoooo stunning backgrounds as always!!!

id love to see the render of the guild in blender. thats so cool and i imagine will save you a lot of time in the future (like that panel with the stairs lol)

gave me a little laugh with that last panel there

Oliverri's avatar
OliverriStudent Filmographer

I'll make some posts for it! It took me a while to do every room but ultimately it was simply time consuming and not overly laborious. I'm glad it seemed to work so well though!

Frisky-Waster's avatar

is that wigglytuff behind them in the last panel? either way, motherfucker spotted

i love the way the backgrounds look here, feel like the characters can just slide around on that shiny floor, and i love the expressions as well!! good to see another page ^^

GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm just waiting for Wigglytuff to be super awkward or goofy or both. Just something really unexpected

DrewRaichu's avatar

every time you post my love for this comic is renewed and expanded tenfold! ugh, the designs and story are amazing. cant wait to see whats ahead, and see what the guild members look like!

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MarissaBlackwingHobbyist General Artist

Bookmarked the other site! Eclipse really hasn't been kind to this one. Zoomed out it's too small to read, but there's only one zoom-in size and then I have to use a slider bar to see a whole panel because it's wider than my browser window.

I have a feeling that dA, like a lot of other *cough*lazy*cough* sites, has things set to automatically adapt to a person's monitor resolution instead of the actual browser window size.

Oliverri's avatar
OliverriStudent Filmographer

Yeah, definitely what I was worried about. This new format wiped out all of the old algorithms out entirely in it's ridiculous attempt to feel more like art station. I wanted to make sure there was someplace that these were more accessible (because resizing to your monitor is stupid, I have 3000 windows set up on my screen at once like a normal person)

Barrett1214's avatar
Barrett1214Hobbyist General Artist

This is incredible, as always! Your art is so stunning- I remember thinking that the guild background gave me Studio Ghibli vibes, so your description was like an "aha!" moment. You really nailed it! And the way you draw the characters themselves is so beautiful, but, y'know, it always is.

Thank you for the update, especially since times are rough. I hope you're doing ok, and I'm sorry for the loss of a pet.

I'm so excited for the next update, you did a great job building up the hype for Wigglytuff!

Oliverri's avatar
OliverriStudent Filmographer

You have a good eye! A lot of my stylistic decisions for backgrounds draw from Kazuo Oga and Noboru Yoshida, Ghibli's foremost background artists! It's a little difficult to translate their traditional poster paint stuff to digital but I'm really glad it seems to be coming through well enough.

I'm hoping to get the next update started within a reasonable time, semester kept me away from my usual work so I forgot how much fun making this was...

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NintendoPieHobbyist Artist


Cheeseits555's avatar
Cheeseits555Hobbyist General Artist

i-is that wigglytuff in the background, clutching his apples?

Mikuoz's avatar
MikuozHobbyist Digital Artist


Sunburstblue's avatar
SunburstblueHobbyist Digital Artist

YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME WITH WIGGLYTUFF'S EXPRESSION IN THE LAST PANEL. THE PANIC AS HE CRADLES THE APPLES IN HIS ARMS IS. LITERALLY COULD NOT BE A MORE ACCURATE DESCRIPTION OF WIGGLYTUFF. Marceau's awe and admiration were already killing me, just as a player who knows what Wigglytuff is like in-game, but that last panel....that last panel was gold

also... those wooden floors (in the panel with the health bar) look so good aaaa (๑´ω`๑)

Oliverri's avatar
OliverriStudent Filmographer

Thank you!! Can't wait for everyone to meet him he's literally the most fun to write out of the cast

Yuriakashu's avatar
YuriakashuHobbyist Traditional Artist

THE LAST PANEL, I CAN'T-- FGHJKL;' X'D BEAUTIFUL SET-UP TO IT. And, beautiful backgrounds throughout!!

Oliverri's avatar
OliverriStudent Filmographer

Thank you! Yeah, love that this page was literally just one long-winded joke setup

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