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Sackboy of War

Heya Folks,

I made myself a new login pic/avatar, and thought I just might as well share it :)

I'm quite keen on the upcoming LittleBigPlanet franchise and I saw a while a go that there will be a Kratos sackboy.

I didn't like that he wasn't smiling on the picture that floats around the net so I took that picture and made my own - so here he is: smiling Kratos sackboy :D

so I guess, have fun with it! :)

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hello Oliver there could use your picture to my Youtube channel? because I loved it and want it to be my official logo .... please accept ...... Greetings ...... thanks you your friend C GAMER the youtuber...
nice pic ^_^
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he smiling. that makes it super silly.
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I love Kratos!I completed a hard challenge on God of War 3 called "Simply Smashing".You have to destroy 30 urns in 20 seconds.It took all day for me and my dad to complete it.
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OMG sackboy O_o
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Kratos sackboy rules :)
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Kratos-boy's too happy, I'ma gettin' scared. :fear:
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Nice! I just finished my level. It's called Final Fantasack Episode 1. Check it out and if you like it, heart it :-)
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if i'll find time to play (quite busy life at the moment) I'll sure do sir!
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this is so great! XDD
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Awesome. Like the game, this is sweet.
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thanks, have fun playing :)
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I'm in love with this image. He's fantastic :)
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It dont look like cosplaying kratos.. u need to add it a anger expression men
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Well that's the one thing I didn't want to have, an angry Sackboy of War. I love when these fellas smile, and this is my avatar for skype, don't want people looking at an angry face ;)
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Pure Win :D

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Love it, love it, love it!!
...Almost too cool!
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Sieht stark aus, die Farben sind sowas von perfekt getroffen. Und außerdem sieht das mehr nach 3d aus als Vektor :thumbsup:
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Hey, du lebst ja doch noch!
Wie geht's dir? Noch in England?

OliverJanoschek's avatar
ne wieder in deutschland, bessere/längere erklärung siehe mail :D
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