A Secret Place II - A Return to the Gallery

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October 21, 2021
A Secret Place II - A Return to the Gallery by OliverBPhotography
Suggested by Mocris
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The last time I visited the marble-white gallery, your name plate was still empty.

After a lifetime of longing, searching and doubting there is finally a painting of you, and I know who

- you are -

With each passing year more and more paintings turn into phantom-mementos of those no longer with us;

the only proof of their existence, remaining inside my heart. Every single one of them is

- being missed -

Your soul is not a delicate flower, a plaything amongst the elements. No, you are the oak at the forest's heart:

Bold, strong, wiser than all who come before it and a source of love and life for all; a force of nature with an iron

- will -

A whirlwind of madness is what the world has come to. Or has it always been this way?

And were we merely too preoccupied to notice? - Either way, amidst the raging insanity all I can think of is

- you -

A galaxy of words and thoughts we shared, yet what remained unsaid was a universe unto its own.

I long for the kindness of your words and the gentleness of your unheard voice, but the way back is yours to

- find -

Not a day goes by without a torrent of questions pouring into my mind: Where are you? Why did you leave? What can I do?

But ultimately, what I ponder most, is what made you lose your

- your way -

Remember our promise, my dear, remember it well - for it still holds true:

Did we not promise to stick together? Did we not promise to have each other's

- back? -

More than six years ago, I posted this piece:…

Today's poem is a follow-up, a sequel, if you will.

I don't really write a lot these days. Or at all. So hopefully this will kick it off again.
A wise person once told me I should write as if my life depended on it. Maybe it does. And maybe I should.

Holy moly, a DD? I never, ever expected this personal piece to get a Daily Deviation, not in a million years! Thank you SO much Mocris and Malintra-Shadowmoon !

I also want to say that I dedicated this poem to the person who said I should 'write as if my life depended on it'. If you're ever reading this - I miss you.

You can find more of my literature here:
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Just like Chiamaka01 says I couldn't say it better. It touched something in my soul i want to cry. Thank you for writing this. Your friend that gave you that advice is wise. I go by the same saying btw... ❤ just, amazing. And the DD was totally deserved!!

OliverBPhotography's avatar

Thank you so, so much, and thank you for the badge as well. <3

The thing about this poem is that I don't really consider it that good on from a technical point of view... But what I wrote came straight from the heart. Well, maybe not straight, I think my mind was also involved (a little). But I guess the honesty of the emotions is what shines through here...

FrenchTechnoKitten's avatar

There is a raw emotion oosing from it, and it hits you right in the feels. That is way more important than "technical perfection" although i don't see where it lacks that either ;)

I'm at a loss for words, but I'll say one thing. "I felt this."

OliverBPhotography's avatar

Thank you so much for your comment. What can I say - the last year has definitely been one of loss for me, so this was one way to deal with the theme. The funny thing is - I was actually thinking about deleting it, because I didn't think it was very good, and since literature is now as good as invisible on Deviant Art. I never expected this got get a Daily Deviation.

Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

OliverBPhotography's avatar

Thank you so, SO much! <3

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KimberlyJolanda's avatar

What an incredibly beautiful piece, Oli :heart: Many, many well-earned congrats on the DD, and I wholeheartedly hope that the dedicated person of these words will find them in due time :hug:

OliverBPhotography's avatar

Thank you so much, dear! Yes, you and me both. nods

OliverBPhotography's avatar

Holy moly, a DD? I never, ever expected this personal piece to get a Daily Deviation, not in a million years! Thank you SO much Mocris and Malintra-Shadowmoon !

I also want to say that I dedicated this poem to the person who said I should 'write as if my life depended on it'. If you're ever reading this - I miss you.

xlntwtch's avatar

Part prose, part poetry, all quite wonderful. Literature can be difficult to format here anymore, but it seems to me you've done a good job. I walked with you, and the feelings expressed, like I, too, saw, thought and felt these things. Congratulations on your DD. :heart:

OliverBPhotography's avatar

Thank you so much for your comment, I greatly appreciate your thoughts! Properly formatting literature pieces has indeed become challenging on Deviant Art - especially since the site doesn't play nice with my browser (Pale Moon), breaking a lot of basic functionality like formatting and emoticons in comments. Maybe I will upload poems as images in the future - that way I can play more with the visuals (which, at least in part, can be a good substitute for having it read out loud I believe).

xlntwtch's avatar

Ah, yes - dA and literature barely 'hold hands' anymore. I write in another program (Focus Writer) and often must reformat the entire piece when I paste it here. Someone who knows computers much better than I do says there are basic problems with coding now - though I think attempts are made to fix it, it's slow going. I never thought of loading writing as an image... interesting. :D

OliverBPhotography's avatar

That's a good point - I believe there is something broken with copy & paste here on DA as you said. As for Focus Writer, I've heard about it and love the idea. When I'm attempting to write something other than poetry I use - or rather want to get in the habit of using it - Scrivener 1.9 for Windows, which has a similar mode. Not having any distractions is priceless!

With regards to uploading writing as image: If you haven't, you may want to have a look at this gallery - the way the handwritten poems are presented in the photos is lovely:

fridgepoetproject also used to upload photos of her fridge magnet poetry (which started as a way to combat writer's block!). The use of colors really helped elevate it to a different level. Sadly she is no longer with us...

xlntwtch's avatar

Using my phone again to briefly say I've been pretty busy with "real life" things, and distracted here, but please don't feel abandoned; I'll be back with your work soon, I hope! I was familiar the 'fridgepoet' and a few who use(d) images with their writing, like Barosus does, for another example. (Sorry, I've forgotten how to make links.) Will return soon, and thanks for the comments, the watch, and all! :love:

Barosus's avatar

Aww, thanks so much for the mention. And all you have to do to create a link is add @ in front of the username. ^_^

xlntwtch's avatar

You're welcome and thanks...

OliverBPhotography's avatar

No problem - there's no need to hurry! I also take my time replying to messages, which I try to limit to once or twice per week. And thanks for mentioning barosus! His work is indeed another great example of making poetry a more visual experience as well. (:

Barosus's avatar

Awww, thanks so much, Oliver! To know my work impressed someone who REALLY knows images means a lot to me. Since you mentioned her, you may be interested to learn that it was @KimberlyJolanda's fantastic visual poetry that most inspired me to switch to visual style myself. Her work is always top notch.

And also...

Congrats On Your DD
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Congrats on your much Deserved DD, for this wonderful work!!! Brav0!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Thank you SO much, Linda! I don't even know what to say - I never ever expected this to be featured as a DD!

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