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August 16, 2020
The Last Watcher by OliverBeck
Featured by cosmicbound
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Sagenhaft schön - in Blender designed? awfully designed and full of beauty - done in Blender?

fireforeffect's avatar

This is incredible!

ErnestPeckham's avatar

An eye-capturing and exotically imaginative image! Very nice work, and thank you.

ariellies's avatar

This is so beautiful!

Thank you for sharing. This is beautiful, so beautiful. It's inspiring.

269-million's avatar

Utterly breathtaking! :)

SaintOgvidiouse's avatar

how did you pull this off:lonely: amazing

JamWisme's avatar

True art, simply amazing Light and Vision. 10/10

rissiedraws's avatar
this is so good omg
sojibshariyar's avatar

Great Work Mate :)

fantastic job, you are very bravo

I'm crying inside with how beautiful it is...

I have no words to say except "WOW"

ElPocaSombra's avatar

La ciudad de Petra abandonada por lo terremotos de Asia Menor

Soy un artista plástico principiante y trabajos como este representarían la coronación de todos mis esfuerzos. ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Qué profundidad estética! Magnífico.

awaisagha's avatar

Have you ever experienced that when you see something, it captivates you so deeply that you can't take your eyes off? This image is one of those.

I tried doing some edits in Ps and I am sending it to you. Basically i tried to enhance the details in it. Please let me know your comments.

ANNEnimated's avatar

wow, I love this!

KiriaLaetetia's avatar

Looking at this and you can feel the warm sun and the wind in your hair. Well done!

christensenlow's avatar

Is this a scene from the novel The Last Watcher? I have not read that book, but I love the grand scale of this ruin and how the person is dwarfed by this ancient edifice. I write poetry, short stories, and so forth, and I love the poetic nature of your illustration. Would you mind if I used your image with my poetry? I would give you credit, of course. Thanks for considering! :)

TimMcJimFromPL's avatar

that is awesome!

though I've never heard of the last watcher. (is it book series?)

Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar

Wow, I would love to go exploring there :wow:

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