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WP7 Mango VS

By oliver182

WATCH IT IN ACTION HERE >>>>>>[link]<<<<<<<:iconda-youtube-channel:

Aero & metro in the style of WP7

Hope you like it :)

Hope this time I could earn some favorites ;)
Ojola lo puedan agregar a sus favoritos ;)


Check out my other themes : [link]

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments :)
Gracias por todos sus comentarios!!! :)


32 users download from above or from here [link]


32 bits ONLY

In order to obtain the following replace this:

Icons: imageres.dll
BAck/foward buttons: explorerframe.dll
Top preview pane: explorerframe.dll

UPDATE 3 -----24/08/11------

WP7 Mango - Only Black version
WP7 VS- Minor bug fixes

UPDATE 2 -----04/08/11------

Web browers scrollbar fixed
System properties now visible
Minor font bugs

UPDATE 1 -----27/07/11------

-Minor bug fixes
-Full Glass version included


For the full glass version run Full Glass.exe as administrator for the effect to take place.

shell32.dll its essential for the theme ;)

Firefox users install stratiform for the dark version: [link]


Make sure that you've patched your system with this [link]

1.-Extract the content with winrar [link]
2.-Copy the content of Theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3.-Replace the system files in C:\windows\system32 You can use this to do it [link]

Logon [link]
Start menu button [link]
Back/foward buttons [link]

Great metro stuff:

Omnimo [link]
Eight start page [link]
Metro Station icons [link]
Win8menu [link]
Metro Glasstoast [link]
Windows media player controls [link]


Special thanks:

*snipes2 :iconsnipes2:
~smoedjn :iconsmoedjn:

for their help & suggestions

Extra credits:

Base theme Static polished
~Artur89SD for multicolor instructions
~utoks Metro station wall
~StopDreaming & [link] Icons
© 2011 - 2021 oliver182
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thank you beni siq icqturk orusbu tuqba suzer kanbur :OOO

Ben sikiyim olur mu

is this compatible with windows 10?
benderclark's avatar
Windows 10 version ?
Restored windows twice before I realized this isn't for win8 *fedora palm*
I love your theme ty so bad you went to windows 8
a search bar in start menu is too small
JeremyGreen933's avatar
How did you put your window media player on taskbar? HELP!
oliver182's avatar
I used a modified version of this with rainmeter :)
JeremyGreen933's avatar
Yeah I already have this, but this is only for desktop. When I open a window or something, It stays on desktop I want it on my Taskbar. So I can use it while i'm doing other things.
hekee's avatar
are these explorerframes for sp1?
The-Artsid3r's avatar
Awesome ! But I don't know how to deactivate the "full glass" mode... 
is there a win 8 possibility? :)
is there a windows 8 version 64 bit? it looks so good but is a shame if we win 8 can have a chance to make it work, any ways i be waiting and great job ;)
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is there a way i can edit the colors of the menu highlights and accent colors from orange/purple/green to blue? i have restorator and tons of time to edit bitmaps if necessary.... also thank you for the update with the white background and black text. in the earlier version i loved the grey background but the font was unreadable on installers and some menus :/ is there a way to change that back to grey with white text? again thank you, i can tell lots of hard work has went into this project.
ashtreylil's avatar
nevermind, i got windows style builder and am editing the colors myself now. wp7 blue mango :)
thanks, i liked much
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Hey thanks bro, this is awesome. For all those with *64, just use theme resource changer, don't use the system files, just copy entire contents of theme to C:Windows\Resources\Themes, then double click wp7glass.theme. This will install the theme and if you use black glass enhanced it provides you with completely transparent system. Also, use mactype font changer, to get the font just rite. I must say, this theme is awesome thank you, the fine detail and time you put into this makes it super. Using it on my win7 Home Premium *64.
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i cant get the fully transparent version working... any ideas?
chop007's avatar
Yeh, just make sure black glass enhanced is running, and you have installed a program called theme resource changer. Then, you just unzip the and throw the files in c:windows/resources/themes. Then double click on the .theme file. Also make sure you have patched your system files but when you install theme resource changer it should do it automatically.

An easier way is just to install skin pack, a program that installs visual styles in the form of a skin pack. If you type skin pack installer system in google you can go and download it. Then just also download fullglass skin pack. Once that pack is installed just change themes like you usually would in win7 right click desktop, personalize, then select wp7 mango transparent/whatever. Then you will also get that wp7 trasparent. 2 methods, either will work.
luisrafaelgalvez's avatar
thanks man that fixed it for me
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