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Sky vs for Windows 7

By oliver182
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For aero users only

Concept inspired by iinfiniti [link]

-Dynamic sky Reflection
-New shellstyle
-New start menu

Work in progress, any ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Check out my other theme: Alternative [link]

Extract the content of the downloaded file.
Copy the extracted files to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
Now the theme should show on the personalize window.

Also if you haven't, you need to patch uxtheme to use 3rd party themes in windows 7 with Universal Theme Patcher:

The Multi Patcher requires administrator rights. Right-click the exe file, select "Run as Administrator" and then restart computer before applying the visual styles.

Hope you guys like it, comment please!!


Solo para usuarios con aero habilitado

Concepto inspirado por iinfiniti [link]

-Refeccion dinamica del cielo
-Nuevo shellstyle
-Nuevo menu de inicio

Trabajo en progreso, cualquier idea o sugerencia es bienvenida.

Vean mi otro tema: Alternative

Extraer los archivos.
Copiar los archivos extraidos a C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
Ahira el tema deberia de aparecer en la ventana de personalizar.

Tambien si no lo han hecho, tienen que parchar primero uxtheme para usar temas no oficiales en windows 7 con Universal Theme Patcher:

Ejecutar el Multi Patcher como administrador y reiniciar antes de aplocar el tema.

Espero les guste, comenten porfavor !!!
© 2009 - 2021 oliver182
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It's amazing theme, after years of use I keep using it and still love it wery muvh. <3
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Hey I was wondering how you the whole cloud reflection thing with the windows, I just can't figure it out
WeAreTheNothing's avatar
Sorry if I wasn't clear, I was talking about the dynamic sky reflection
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you have to edit a image called stream
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Pure Great Wow
jayblok99's avatar
este tema esta ermoso!!! gracias!!!
kissofdead06's avatar
muy lindo tu tema muchas gracias
oliver182's avatar
:) Gracias a ti
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bro xan you make this theme full glass plsplspslplspls

Basically you just put the background of each windows in the color black and full glass.exe
makes is have areo
Could you do it pls
oliver182's avatar
Sure I'll try and upload in the next update
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Its work amazingly and i like it
ichsanp's avatar
hey, i can't patch my windows.
when i patch my windows then restart, my windows is error..
i use windows 7 beta.
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you use windows 7 BETA?? are you serious?? thats unsupported since a year ago,how can you still use the beta in th first place?,sorry man, can help you.
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It seems beautiful, but why doesn't it work on my system ? :cry:
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Hi thnks, mm I dont know, what are your system specs??
Black-Blooded-Bat's avatar
You're welcome.
Hah, forget that.
It works now.
I only need to restart the explorer.
Black-Blooded-Bat's avatar
You're welcome.
Hah, forget it, it works now.
I only need to restart the explorer.
morechipsmore's avatar
Thanks. I like this one. Great work!
nojageist's avatar
amazing work, beautiful and everythings are more than I expected.
oliver182's avatar
Thnks, I'm glad you liked it
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i'm a member at [link] and i'm preparing a post of great visual styles availible for windows 7, i'd like to include a screenshot and a link to this page among those but before i do so i would like your permission. i will not be hosting your content anywhere else and all downloads and credit will be given to you. please respond with a personal messege. thank you.
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