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Ice VS Beta

By oliver182
Theme for windows 7

Original concept by *danillooc [link]
Wall by -seahorsepip [link]

Note: The original concept was thought as windowsblinds theme, so some parts of it are not possible to make on a regular windows 7 theme.



1. Install Universal Theme Patcher if you haven't. [link]
The Multi Patcher requires administrator rights. Right-click the exe file, select "Run as Administrator" and then restart computer before applying the visual styles.
2. Extract the content of the downloaded file.
3.Copy the content of the THEME folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.


1. Download this app [link]
2.Replace the bitmaps with the ones from the FILES/NAV folder

You can use this ones in the meantime [link]


1.Download from here [link]§ion=&global=1&q=metro+orb#/d3d3v27


1.Download this pack for IconPackager [link]

Check out my other theme

© 2011 - 2021 oliver182
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bioxyde-N-terer's avatar
HA! i really like the concept of "over" glossing the windows :D nice VS i LIKE!
Glaceon-X's avatar
This is a beautifle theme, saved my life too xD
I have an unnatended modified Windows 7 that the apparent stock themes are corrupted, sooo. . . Windows Classic. . . This is awesome I love it!
SoundLife2's avatar
hey there ... looks like you've done a nice job so far. any planned updates at this point?
Corners of windows could be a bit better (especially the top ones), but it's really nice apart from that :)
Like it a lot, but the default (unpressed) button with the blue bar that changes color really isn't working for me.
oliver182's avatar
Sorry if I sounded a bit confusing: it's an expression. With "not working for me" I meant that I don't really like it and it definitely doesn't 'fit in' with the unobtrusive look of this visual style.

I like the theme... waiting for the final release. Good work!
I like the theme... waiting for the final release! Good work!
wysheid1's avatar
elegant, magnificent and essential, is an excellent minimalistic theme with style! I love it!!!
RaymonVisual's avatar
WhitePhantom030's avatar
its just a modded default windows aero theme. nothing special in my opinion. try being a little more original next time :(
oliver182's avatar
That was the original idea from the autor, a cleaner vision of Aero UI.Not a totaly different theme. An by the way the start menu has some modifications,the resources are'nt the original ones ;)
bgjerlowdesigns's avatar
erh hack, ALL visual styles are modded default windows aero themes :lol:
FallingDark's avatar
Not all. A lot are built completely from scratch.
bgjerlowdesigns's avatar
All Visual styles are built on the default aero.msstyles and that is a fact. Some just replaces mostly all the elements in the msstyles which makes it look like it haven't been aero. But, deep down, it still is a modified default aero.msstyles with new images and a new name ;)
FallingDark's avatar
Ah, never mind. I was thinking of modifications of other themes when i said that. Ignore me. :P
WhitePhantom030's avatar
yes serg i know this :D but you guys at VC change just about every image in a theme, therefore i personally don't consider these themes just a mod of the default Aero. my point is, this theme, even though its ok, has pretty much the same start menu and taskbar that 7 comes with by default. These are two main pieces of any theme in my opinion, so to me it just a slight mod. Not a full mod like you guys do. I guess i am just spoiled with the best!! :boogie:
X-DS1125's avatar
I understand "Seahorsepip" has been working on this theme not you, but I'm afraid to say I download it and try it and I'm disappointed, the theme has a bad quality on itself, the scrollbars had a few details, and the start button and the menu are ugly and there are some items around the theme that I found they aren't well cut and look pixelated and show white pixels of the background and I don't see how is it better to the original concept [link] , now you had make some themes for example "Alternative AE" [link] or Nightfall [link] and yes they do have a few details, but these 2 Visual Styles ( Alternative AE and Nightfall) are still fantastic, but on the Ice VS by "Seahorsepip" there some details that a theme designer shouldn't had left behind and the the consequence of this is that this VS isn't fantastic, I believe that some modifications and more quality on this VS may rise the kind of theme it is.

Alright now leaving this behind, take care and have a nice day!

Deisler Smith.
usairaq's avatar
nice VS,though there is some difference with the preview
DemchaAV's avatar
Скажу вам превью у вас ужасное :)
nemozhen's avatar
amazing work! dude!
funkkybebel's avatar
Just a bug with the scrollbars. Do you need a screenshot or is it something you know and you're working on it ?
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