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End of World

This is how its gonna look the End of World, don't forget this image! :|

Same place that Tree Space ..
Please say what you really think about the shot!

Sony DSC-P71 @ Azeitão, Setúbal, Portugal !
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if i was the end of teh world i would sit down and pray for the non belivers and there hard hearts, and plus after an end,there is always a new begining.
and also didn't a guy say on dec 21 2012 the world would end?
if it was going to end we would proboly see signs like an antie christ wild fires floods, drouts
see revalations
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How do you know of this..
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It's not bad, but now i'll have nightmares D:
whenever i see this kind of pictures i can't not repeat the theory 'Every thing has an end'
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It's May 21, and I'm still here!
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I figured out when the apocalypse will come. When they stop making James Bond movies, seeing as they are STILL making them after so many years of existing.
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Beautiful, kinda creeps me out about the rumor going around tomorrow is the end of the world.
this piece triggers of a sad terror inside of my chest, a feeling, that the world could end already tomorrow, and this image gives a feeling of dominance, of helplessness, and a big feeling of quilt, and thoughts as "This is what I have come to. We destroyed our home, planet earth." Knowing, that this is the end of humanity, and this is the apocalypse people has been talking about.

This piece is very frightening, and I do think, that people should see this image, and maybe we could all wake up and see, that we have still time to do something about this. We can still save our home, our beloved earth before the end of the world. A very amazing concept, Olino. I don't have any other words to desribe this one.
Keep up the amazing work.

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This picture freaks me out, but I love it!
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This is amaaaazing!
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Nice, I love it. You should do more of these types of images.
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Wow, it's really impressive.
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I think I'm in love.
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ZOMG! I knew it!
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olololol, they just look like clouds at twilight
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if this is the end of the world, IM GOING UNDERGROUND LIEK MEH MOLE COUSINS!!! CHAAAA~!! but i'll poke my head up and get fried cuz im so stupid...
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Well isn't that just dandy! If we don't discover the means to mass produce space ships then we all gona be FRIED LIKE PIGS ON A STAKE hahahahaaah! >XD
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if that's what the world's going to look like then shit we're so screwed as a human race. lol
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Nice... Can't wait!
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is this a vineyard?
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