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Zelda Time

Technically another /co/ request; Adventure Time characters as Legend of Zelda characters. I decided to stick with just four five so that I could add a fair amount of detail. It took me a while to get this done, though...

Finn as Link
Jake as Tingle
Princess Bubblegum as Zelda
Marceline as Midna
And special guest Lumpy Space Princess as Navi


Since this piece was featured on Kotaku and Halolz, my account has exploded.
Thanks to everyone for all the favorites, the awesome comments, and even for just swinging by!
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I must favorite! Q,-,Q
GingitoGraphics's avatar
This is the embodiment of joy.
wildlilfrankie's avatar
OMG I am so glad this is a thing!! Link La 
martinm6's avatar
i love the link thingy
ephemara's avatar
Was this an actual episode
Tommypezmaster's avatar
PB looks hot as TP Zelda
Lunesthesia's avatar
This fits so well! I love it!
NickyW093's avatar
Ice King should be Ganondorf
dawnbuneary's avatar
felenciano-vargas's avatar
it's so.... accurate....Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
LordZerotheMighty's avatar

Lumpy space princess as Navi what is it gonna be?

"ohmygod y guys Hey Hey listen What the Lump I said LISTEN!!"

Dyltheman's avatar
this is possibly the most beatiful thing i've ever seen
Miss-Hyper-99's avatar
This is so math! I love the Marcy as Midna thing, I would have never come up with it! Probably the best crossover ever.
LilyBlight's avatar
This is probably the best crossover ever. Love it!
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Susan Strong as Impa or Twinrova
Lich King as Ganon or Dampe
ChooseGoose or LemonGrab as The Mask Salesman
Billy as Biggoron or Darunia
Ice King as the King of Hyrule or 
Cinnaman Buns as Darunia or Raryu
Fionna as Saria or Nabooru
I think it'd be kind of ironic to have Flame Princess as Ruto

Also alternatively Jake aS Epona, Marceline as a Gerudo, Fionna as Zelda & Sheik, & Flame Princess as Midna
& Flame Princess, Marceline, & Bubblegum as Din, Nayru, & Farore from Oracles

megasonicmanlover's avatar
love it and love Marcline as Minda 
Skyking0's avatar
lsp and navi are equally annoying
Danana100's avatar
good conection
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