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The Stock Usage contest is now Closed and it is time to announce the winners La la la la 
First of all I would like to thank you all participants for they great submissions, it is a pity there can only be 2 winners!
So here the winners:

1st Trophy 

The Perfect Kingdom by Shirokibo Celestial Cascade by synesthesea

2nd Trophy 

The Adventure in Sky Palace by Cold-Tommy-Gin No One's Princess by Portraitofafool

All entries:
PoppyCastlePrincessMarie7 by digimagicnb Contest Entry : Walking down the river... by Binouchetruc The Perfect Kingdom by Shirokibo Hello ! by doclicio Outside by Eithen Lake house by robhas1left No One's Princess by Portraitofafool Banished by DesignStash Little peace now by ThunderMadArts14 CASTILLO by MarMorena Sundown by vlacruz Fairytale Castle by annewipf Celestial Cascade by synesthesea Castle by doclicio To the Castle! by AntheaStones the dark castel under the blood moon by supermonkey2121  Dragon Rider by BrankaArts Lost kingdom by AdriaticaCreation The story of shark by annemaria48 Alone in the darkness. by JoeBlu you can not go to the castle party.... by Quijuka Scarlet by Miss-deviantE The Adventure in Sky Palace by Cold-Tommy-GinClouds Kingdom by Amliel Wellcome Home by SulePir Village by FeistyDeadlySins 
Hello everyone!
After some time the "Stock usage Contest" is back I am a dummy! 
This time it is held by :iconmalleni-stock: and myself, so the rules are a bit different than usual.
So here what you need to know.

What to do:
Choose one of the stocks provided below. One stock is from Malleni and the other one from me.
There will be 2 winners for each stock image (so 2 winners among the ones that used Malleni's stcok and 2 winners among the ones that used my stock). You cannot use both photo.

Sigmaringen castle 03 by Olgola Neuschwanstein Castle Stock 01 by Malleni-Stock


Only photo-manipulations and mixed-media are allowed.
You can enter as many times as you want, but you can win only once.
Your entry must be new and created specifically for this contest.
All used stocks must be from legitimate resources. Credit all stocks you used.

How to enter:
Link your entry in the comments below.
In the description of your work link back to this journal.

September 1st, 2018
The winners will be chosen by me and Malleni

Prizes for who used Malleni's stock:
1st Trophy  150 Points  from :iconmalleni-stock:
2nd Trophy  100 Points  from :iconmalleni-stock:

Prizes for who used Olgola's stock:
1st Trophy  150 Points  from :iconolgola:
2nd Trophy  100 Points  from :iconmalleni-stock:

For all participants:
Feature by :iconolgola: and :iconmalleni-stock:

Entries here: entries folder

Feel free to donate prizes (stock, features, points etc.). Send me or Malleni a note or leave a comment below
Thank you!
Why Does it Always Rain on me? by BBstar7 Where are you by MelFeanen Fairytown by Uriak
iNcogNiTo by mimikascraftroom ::LotC:: Master Pirate Juan_Regular Ver by Dopaprime Firefly by KCsummerz
Singularity by aerroscape Hidden Things 1: Lovecraft by OliverInk
after a storm by AlexanderKorolev Wanna Join Us ? by OTG85 Forest Nymphm advanced by hoanglap
Sea's stories by IgnisFatuusII -= Study portrait + video =- by Naia-Art
off world by megatruhSleepless Malice by Secretadmires
Carnival night among the Venetian canals by blackBanshee80 Off with her head! by SecretDarTiste

Stock from :iconmalleni-stock:

Scotland Stock 177 by Malleni-Stock  Scotland Stock 171 by Malleni-Stock Scotland Stock 161 by Malleni-Stock Scotland Stock 146 by Malleni-Stock
Scotland Stock 151 by Malleni-Stock  Scotland Stock 153 (private use) by Malleni-Stock
Grim Fairytale by AlexandriaDior Once In A Blue Shroom by needcaffine Hiver en Fete by MireilleD
Into the Abyss by Delitescentrix New Beginnings by da505 Bulb by yhenz
Shore by Oleg-Gritsak Thoughtfulness by Euselia 
Last Battle by isildurion Repetition by FlyingGinger Queen Of Hearts by melanneart
Castle in the mountains by umbatman Dragon bloodline by MindTuber
White Unicorn by ThelemaDreamsArt

Deer Herd by Olgola  Sigmaringen castle 03 by Olgola  Castle door by Olgola  Cannon by Olgola

Stairs with snow by Olgola  The Red Tree by Olgola Mountain by Olgola  Alley by Olgola
Tropical Scenery prt. 5 - Mother and Child by 3DLandscapeArtist Autumn tea with unsent letters by dinabelenko Forest of Liars : Sunset on the wood bridge by TohadSpring Dragon by Yuuza Tyrande Whisperwind by SombraSister The Keeper by octobre-rouge
Citrus Sea by Pochi-mochi GraveyardShips by CordobezWeee
Red Panda by Ksottam New Anchorage Matte Painting by Jacklionheart
Sea tale by FeriAnimations Winters Grace by Jeni-Sue Little Dreams by Hend-Watani
Honest Heart by LadyEvilArts Somewhere far away by TatyanaChe Let Me In by S-Lana
Who jumps, who rushes under the cold haze? by AlexanderKorolev Blossoming Snake by tamaraR #digicember by Miggs69
wonder by Darnok9 Cloudy Pony by Nalak-Bel I see you by Dferous

My last photomanipulations
The Messenger by Olgola   Jurassic World by Olgola

Bridge to neverland by NaouriRedouane1998 Landscapes by OilPaintingPretty Happy Easter! by Daykiney Spirit-guide by igreeny
Eagle waching you by shepa Hidden Treetops by kuschelirmel
Poppy Field by ReFiend Autumn Fire by Softyrider62
Tourmente by Kryseis-Art Bavaria by ditney

And now a bit of self-promotion: some useful stocks for photomanipulators :)

The Wall by Olgola  Arc by Olgola  Stairs by Olgola  Ruin 01 by Olgola  Sigmaringen castle by Olgola
  Staircase 01 by Olgola  Autumn tree by Olgola  Fairy woods by Olgola  Meersburg castle 2 by Olgola  Well by Olgola

Here I am again...after a few months of inactivity

Sting In the Tail by Mouselemur Galvanize by C-91Lake by aproman11 Homecoming by t1na
Over the Clouds by annewipf SWEET SPRING LOVE by saritaangel07 transience ... by mirandaarts
Castle-Vista by Mr-Xerty KEILAH by FerdinandLadera
Pearl Light by Lotta-Lotos Aguara - Gwent Card by akreon Starlight at Christmas Eve by flaviobolla
After a while I am back with my feature of awesome artworks found on DA. Enjoy!

The Invocation by mumu0909  Crimson Hills art by ShredderDima 
Messengers of spring by eReSaW sad guy by dinhxuantung
#2582 by robertcicheckiart Musical Medley by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
The Forest of Nisene Marks by chateaugrief Shafts of Sunlight by Nele-Diel
Light Dancing with autumn by antilous
Depressed by titefee-muse-de-ca Challenge Accepted by FakeFebruary  Beyond the peace by jiajenn Silk Sensations by MeFlysBySeatOfPants Resting among the Heather by roisabborrar Bunny tails by rougealizarine Jamie Fraser by SPRSPRsDigitalArt
Rays Of Luck by jkrab If you look at the sky tonight by Yewrezz

Photomanipulation contest
Deadline: October 21st, 2017

<da:thumb id="704729329"/>
Another collection of beautiful artworks I saw around DA

Mushroom cul-de-sac by Ladesire My-Locomotion by Mr-Xerty

 White dryad Sistina by hoanglap noirchrome by noirchrome
The Abandoned Soul {1-4} by Ahmed-Fares94 The Ferryman by Winerla Sunrise Flow by Miguel-Santos Speedpaints #35 by Sylar113
Poppys Field by stg123 Treasure Bay by Vykoukal

Current Photomanipulation Contest

<da:thumb id="704729329"/>

New great artworks I found on DA in the last days

Gift: Aladin by sta-a Rustic by zenalshabaky Winter is coming... by TatyanaChe

 Bulbs by kuschelirmel Touch the Sky by C-91 Moonlight Whispers by DigitalDreams-Art
Jack Sparrow 2017 by SalamanDra-S New Friend by danielbogni
A corner of paradise by An-gora Hobbitshire by Mariwa-Fallenangel
The time of coffee by ChudnayaMamba The Dangerous Mind by StarsColdNight

New stock pictures

Ruin 01 by Olgola Ruin 02 by Olgola Ruin 03 by Olgola
It has been a while since my last journal, but here I am again :)

The Core by FrozenStarRo brooklet 02 06 2017 by An9reyART 
Red Umbrella by apanyadong 
'Niht is y-comen in by WhimsicalBlue
GOODBYE by saritaangel07 Natural generator by Poglazovs 
Still Life by AwaaraC Dragon by Vasylina
Ship by stgspi

Feature for the winners of the contest held by
Make your storybook, closed and voting

1st Trophy 

Book of Adventure by Secretadmires Circus by Renata-s-art

2nd Trophy 

Story of Pinocchio by annemaria48 book2-The ravens eye by SlichoArt

3rd Trophy 

the Enchanted Forest by PaquiFg A Pirate's Story by Olgola