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Levi and Mikasa wedding

Very very rare commission, did it long time ago. Thanks to costomer for the patience.
Note! I do not take a commissions.
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The artwork is cool, but aren't these two, cousins?

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I don't even ship it, but I love this! 
Omg this is so beautiful and I love these two! You're an amazing artist :)
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The work is so amazing but why would someone commissions this. There cousins! Levi looks amazing. Though personally I.  Ship Levi and Eren. Keep of the amazing attack on Titan work!!!! 

In some religions/cultur/countries it is allowed for cousins to get married. I mean at least here at middle is quiet common so...🤷🏻‍♀️

This is the best and the most beautiful fanart I've ever saw for this ship. From what I've read they're not closely related but part of the same clan you say. Also, since they make a hot couple, I ship them😍#Humanity'sStrongest 😙
this is amazing
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According to what I've read online, these two would make a literal power couple. Gorgeous art work! 
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It's really unusual couple, because they are related ._. BTW - your colouring style is very cool, so realistic!
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Welp, as long as they aren't directly related I guess it's not incest. 
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Love the lighting/shading
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Wow! This is gorgeous!!!
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WOAH! Больше нечего сказать, они прекрасны!))
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holly shit HOLLY SHIT the coloring omg so SO BEAUTIFUL IM FLOORED I CANT I JUST I I CANT!!!!!
I dont actually care about this pairing or show, BUT DAMN THIS PIC STILL BECAME A FAVORITE 
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Thank you SO much, seriously.
It sucks that my favorite digital artist rarely gets involved in the medium.
It sucks that my two favorite manga/anime series will never come to an end. (NANA/Hunter x Hunter)
I think I'm cursed. The worst part is that you creators set heights that I find other artists are incapable of reaching. Nothing I've ever watched/read seems good by comparison, like gaining a glimpse of heaven only to fall back down to the depths of hell. This isn't your best but I'm so deeply grateful that you painted ANYTHING. Sigh. 

Though I find this ship very solemn... they're cute; a sort of muted passion is conveyed here and I deeply admire the atmosphere. Well done! And of course, thank you once again for taking the time out of your day to share this. You could've sat back and enjoyed my utmost suffering but you didn't... so yeah, thanks.
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very impressive! it looks beautiful! :D
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This is amazing! I think that in the manga it came out that they're related, but they would have been a pretty kick-ass couple. I think the dress really fits Mikasa. She wouldn't wear some big princess ball gown, you know?
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I just wanna past Eren's face over Mikasa's
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This is... Glorious....
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Ummm.... I don't ship them, but I love the art tho! (THE SHIP SHOULD'VE BEEN EREN AND HER!!)

But the only thing is that, Levi is around her height LMAO, he's is supposed to be like 5'3 and she is 5'7. 😂😂😂
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I dont preferably like this ship, but i love the art. 😀 Great job!
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Good one! Very well done!
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