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Lord of the Rings: Generations

Celebrian the Silver Queen, Galadriel of Lorien, and Arwen Evenstar

Three generations of elven noblewomen. Beauty, dignity and impressive heritage — shrunk down to adorable chibi proportions. ^_^
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nice elven girls
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Too cute! Beautiful ladies!!la in love 
That is just cool. It is so nice that someone remembered that Arwen did have a mother since it was never mentioned in the movies. Very well done.
Cute. And I like the tengwar-stylized font their name are written.
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Awesome :D Only, I'm a little sad because at first I thought one of them was going to be Tinuviel/Luthien :P
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How beautiful ^_^
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Beautiful pic :) 
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galadriel was the mother of celebrian, and she was the mother of Arwen...
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Yeap, I was also thinking that the order was not correct, but then I guess it's just an artistic presentation of the characters :)
you go girl. at least, if you're having a tea party
if you're going to do something lord of the rings, at least make it legitamite!
Sweet...very sweet!
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I love the style and lines of your figures- they are graceful and jagged and I have no idea how you managed to pull off both, but it is quite beautiful. Well done. :)
oh my goodness this makes me so happy ^_^
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OH MAN this is beautiful. You are fantastic. THank you for making this <333
i love it that arwen is a brunette for some reason
you always think of elves as flawless with blonde hair

but she BROKE THE CODE bwahahaaa
Most elves in Tolkien's works are of darker hair colours, very few are blonde.
wow i didnt know that thanks :clap:
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This is cute yet beautiful.
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Art nouveau? It's very beautifully done.
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