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Grand grand news: Olga's Printshop 2.0 is here >>…
Hi guys and gals, how are you doing? 

dA feels somewhat of an art dump site lately (I don't know if it's me or..?). 
Much of the folks seem to have migrated to facebook and other platforms, which I did, too, after 10+ years of posting solely to dA.

Feel free to connect with me at Instagram >>> @ olgadrebas
Drop me a comment there if you need an extra pair of eyes on your work. Going social is much easier there for some reason. 

In other news, I've completed my 1st year of oil painting studies, it's been great so far.
Man I discovered suddenly I'm tired of doing only digital work :rofl:

So that's it for now, 
have a nice day :D And see you online.

Hey guys, 

check out the work of one of our fellow russian painters, Zionka 
Alena is one of yet undiscovered artists over here and I think her art totally deserves more attention. 

The latest series she did with one of her OC's depicted in styles of famous painters of the past are very well executed and just overall hilarious, for example: 

uncle Ayrat Rafael's style by Zionka  uncle Ayrat Rubens' style by Zionka  uncle Ayrat Klimt style by Zionka

Isn't he adorable? :rofl:
Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd share a few of the non-art courses I took in last couple of years,
each of them helped me tremendously in my freelance work.

Please feel free to suggest any courses that you took, if you think something is missing from the list!

See the short list over here in my blog:…

I bought a knee chair 1,5 years ago and totally forgot to share my experiences (as I promised to friends). Classic case of happy client.

Well, if you wondered if it's worth buying, it sodding IS.
Everything they wrote in review articles I googled before purchase, is true.

I'm now working from my country manor :rofl:, no fancy chairs here, just a plain old classic one.
I feel the lack of my knee chair with my spine.

If there are any ergonomic tips you'd like to share, too, please feel free to shoot in the comments. Let's take care of our backs!

I'm very honoured and happy to share the news that some of my artwork made it into the recent issue of ImagineFX (October 2014, in stock here:… ).

Go check it out, there are some very useful materials written by Nathan Fowkes and Chris Oatley,
not to mention the section with sketches from "How to train your Dragon - 2"!

Yay! *excited dance*
Hello everyone!

I'm streaming right now on twitch, so feel free to jump aboard and say hi!
Here is the link >>>
Welcome : D

I will be updating this journal everytime when going live. 
Just exported all my 350+ arty subscriptions to Netvibes RSS aggregator.
It was easy and all my folders and stuff are in place, but... Gosh it sooooo lacks G Reader's simplicity.

Now I have to be careful to not to get my brain sucked into this опасное сосало, as we say here in Russia,
because there are just too many delicious pics waiting to be viewed and drooled over.
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I'm now thinking about possible options of opening an online shop with prints of my artwork,
or with artwork based on game projects I'm currently freelancing on (as well this would include
little things like stickers, calendars and so on, you name it).

The question is, would you be interested in such offer?
If yes, here is one more question for those of you who are _not_ russian residents -
which online services would you recommend for opening such a shop in your country?
(I want the stuff to be delivered cheap and easily - and I don't know a lot about ordering stuff from abroad)

Thanks a bunch!
Agora mesmo estou no Brasil (BH-MG), tô curtindo meu feriado. No dia 5 de agosto chegarei pra São Paulo, onde eu vou ficar até dia 14, e depois vou embora. Será que tem pessoas interessadas em comer alguma coisa e conversar sobre arte e tal com uma certa russa ;), caso que sim podemos combinar um encontro artistico em SP. Qual dia seria melhor pra vcs? Eu vou ficar bem no centro da cidade, perto da estaçao República.
  • Eating: po de queijo
  • Drinking: asa
Oh shii--,
I made it into the top ten. Landed 10th, though, so on the next challenge there will be some good motivation to start drawing things *in time* and *make my best* art-wise :lol:

Here are the results:…

UPD.… <- Judges comments. "Oh shi--" one more time, because there is such a warm feedback on my pic from Paul Richards!!1 :omg:

My art-related blog:
Drawing classes I teach in Moscow: