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nose and lips - sketch tut

the TUTORIAL section of my gallery --->…

Again, sharing some organized notes from my class. I do bunches of sketches while explaining and some of them turn out rather worthy.
This should be helpful for those who just start to study human anatomy and can't afford taking classes or buying plaster casts.
Probably it's much less of a help without teacher's explanations, but anyway .. those who want to learn will absorb the idea.

Comments, suggestions, crits and questions are warmly welcome.

PS 2013. Just checked this old one one more time, gosh it's all off ))) Oh anyway. The notes still make sense.

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Great! It really explains the nose and mouth from more than one direction La la la la 
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thank you so much ) Im glad to help
You're welcome Smile :D 
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Thanks, comes in handy when I'm practicing portraits. I couldn't grasp noses for the life of me before viewing this tutorial. La la la la 
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i just followed this tutorial and your other one for the lips, now I have the face of my friend on paper for her birthday...
thanks for this, you just made 2 persons happy :P
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wow how cool!
I'm happy it helped you :)
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Oh man, this is gold.

Trying to understand the perspective trick and having a bit of difficulty -- does the vanishing point represent the direction you're looking at it? As in, if it's low it represents the nose foreshortened as if you're looking up at it, and if it's high it represents the nose foreshortened as if you're looking down at it? (And it doesn't contain any information about looking from the left/right -- so essentially doesn't tell you about two-point perspective or tilting the head?)
OlgaDrebas's avatar
I didnt understand a question, sorry..

I might not include the guides to the 2nd perspective vanishing point because it only describes the flat side surfaces of the plaster cast, which are not interesting for the matter of the tut, but yet it's there.
Hope that answers a bit .. if I got it right.
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Thanks for sharing. Great.
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Muchas gracias! este tutorial esta genial!...
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thanks a lot!
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Wow. Fantastic tutorial! Thank you!
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I really like that profile perspective trick!
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Oh, this is pretty sweet, thanks for sharing :)
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Будем знать как пухлятину рисовать. Носы покрупнее будут?
OlgaDrebas's avatar
эм, тебе не хватает этих размеров? :))
Keydan's avatar
каких таких "этих", у меняс "этим" все в порядке
просто интересно как большие носы рисуются
OlgaDrebas's avatar
а, ну так же, от черепа. Просто для хрящевой части носа надуваешь базовые формы, как надо, и все :D
блин, это мне кажется или ты ироничен? )))
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Я совсем запутался... сегодня ведь еще середина дня четверга... блин... что? :fear:
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если будешь рисовать Большой Нос и будет затык,
пни меня через мыл, я тебе сделаю оверпейнт))))
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