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Of the Ruin of Doriath

"Upon Doriath a heavy change had fallen. Melian sat long in silence beside Thingol the King, and her thought passed back into the starlit years and to their first meeting among the nightingales of Nan Elmoth in ages past; and she knew that her parting from Thingol was the forerunner of a greater parting, and that the doom of Doriath was drawing nigh. For Melian was of the divine race of the Valar, and she was a Maia of great power and wisdom; but for love of Elwë Singollo she took upon herself the form of the Elder Children of Ilúvatar, and in that union she became bound by the chain and trammels of the flesh of Arda. In that form she bore to him Lúthien Tinúviel; and in that form she gained a power over the substance of Arda, and by the Girdle of Melian was Doriath defended through long ages from the evils without. But now Thingol lay dead, and his spirit had passed to the halls of Mandos; and with his death a change came also upon Melian. Thus it came to pass that her power was withdrawn in that time from the forests of Neldoreth and Region, and Esgalduin the enchanted river spoke with a different voice, and Doriath lay open to its enemies."
(The Silmarillion,Ch. 22
Of the Ruin of Doriath)
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I immediately knew Melian and King Grey Mantle when I saw your picture. Just read past his death; you capture the sadness so beautifully. I literally just made this account to tell you so.
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Thank you all very much!*0*
Brilliant work! I love the youth Thingol still bears even though he is dead and hundreds of years old. Nice touch.

I used this in blog post about this chapter:…

Hope that's OK!
olga-kreuzfahrer's avatar
oh, I'm so pleased <3 thank you!
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I felt so bad for Melian. :(
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A very beautiful picture of a very sad moment :(
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Such a sad moment :( Very well done.
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Красиво и точно! )
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The atmosphere is well caught! Brilliant job!
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Very pretty! Looked a bit like Thranduil at first...:)
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