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Star Wars News Broadcasts
Greetings, this is Fik Taner with IGN, bringing you the latest in galactic news you need to know. We have a report in from earlier today that the Alderaan Alliance, headed by it's famous Phoenix Squadron, launched a raid deep into the Galactic Empire, striking the shipyards at Bilbring, in the process destroying a number of platforms and uncompleted vessels before being driven off, reportedly with heavy losses.
In other news more reports are coming in of the renegade Victory, the Traitor, having hijacked a five ship bacta convoy less than ten light years from Corusant. In the process the Venator class destroyer Nightcloak which was providing escort for the convoy was destroyed with all hands. In response the Empire has raised the bounty on the Traitor's Captain, Dack Jehid, by another five hundred thousand credits, bringing the total bounty for his capture or termination to one of the highest ever offered. Only slightly less than that of the pirates Gus Toben and Ahdekta Zeshi before t
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Without even the rhythmic ticking of a clock the silence grows ever more profound as words on written page blur, dull, and drown aching eyes and weary head and bring to mind thoughts of bed.
Creeping, crawling time goes by, noiseless, soundless seconds begrudging their systematic passing, brief lives fading as I'm waiting.
Here I put pen to paper in desperate struggle to conscious cling, to boredom stave under white steady oppressive light fighting to remain upright.
Would there be but ticking toc from hanging clock to mark these passive passing seconds that time might flow once again and break this tediem
Sleepy slurpy slipping mind dissolving due to lack of time reference lacking mental slacking ever lacking patience mine.
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Defiant in Victory
Defiant in Victory
Bruised and battered did he stand alone on the field of battle.
Around him lay his foes, hewn and bleeding, all life within them gone.
Many and powerful were they, with legions behind them.
All now having embraced the peacefulness of death.
His sword is shattered, his shield clove in twain.
His armor is rent and buckled, splattered with the blood of he and his foes.
His shield arm, limp at his side, his sword hand empty of weapon.
Yet does he stand alone on the field of battle, victorious, and defiant in victory.
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Revised Hero Class by oldsage Revised Hero Class :iconoldsage:oldsage 1 0
Mature content
Leaving an Impression :iconoldsage:oldsage 0 0
Mature content
Shades of Red and Black :iconoldsage:oldsage 0 0
The Slot
The Slot
Looking out into the darkness, keen eyesight struggling to pierce that all concealing veil in search of the enemy that he knew was out there somewhere, I ruminated on the possibility of a trap.  
"Anything yet Arthur?"
"Negative, both radar and sonar show all clear, and the low-light scopes aren't showing anything.  Worried about a trap?"
Having worked together for so long, it was a rare occasion when one didn't know what the other was thinking.
"Yeah, the Japanese have got to be wondering by now what's capable of destroying six destroyer convoys without even one them being able to get off a radio message.  I just wish that there had been some sign of that battleship group that left Rabaul yesterday.  It's not like them to initiate radio silence unless they're up to something."
"That's true, but do you really think that they suspect we can read all their coded radio traffic?"
"I wouldn't be surprised if they did, it's they only wa
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The Warlock's Prophecy Part 3
"Well, how did it go?"  I ask.  Rick is slumped limply in a chair while John has his shoes off and is massaging his sore feet.
John answers first.  "There are enough legends old and new to keep a person busy investigating them all for a couple of lifetimes.  The more likely ones, or at least the ones that people can name the person involved as opposed to simply the friend of a friend seem to mainly take place in the forest northwest of here.  I wrote down the details on the likely ones."  He finished, setting a thick pad of paper on the table.  Inwardly I groaned at the knowledge I'd have to read through all of it.
"Interesting.  We'll probably have to investigate the woods sometime soon.  Rick, what did you find out?"
Rick's head turns limply in my direction as he gives a small groan of exhaustion before speaking.  "This entire area is designed to part tourists from their money as fast
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The Warlock's Prophecy Part 2
Stepping off the bus outside the airport I duck as a jet roars overhead, climbing for the sky and parts unknown.  I watch it, wondering what reasons it's passengers have for traveling so far.  Business, pleasure, visiting family; or perhaps like me they are escaping from something.  The air-conditioning in the lobby is a relief after the sweltering ride over in the bus.  
It appears to be a slow day at the airport as there is no line at the ticket counter, and the man sitting behind the counter is busy reading a novel.  "Excuse me, I'd like a one way ticket to Tilvaun, Deret."  I say as I reach the counter.
The man looks up from his book and raises an eyebrow when he sees me.  "By yourself?"  He asks as he begins looking on his computer.
"No sir, I'm smuggling the rest of my family out of the country in my carry-on."  I answer straight-faced.
The man pauses for a moment and then laughs. 
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The Warlock's Prophecy Part 1
It was late on a Friday afternoon and everyone's auras reflect that fact, flat and dull, they mirror the expressions on their faces.  The boredom fills the room with it's collective presence.  Even Ms. Kilmor is clearly uninterested in the lesson she's trying to teach, her eyes continually darting to the clock on the wall.  Of course it's all to be expected, given that it's the last day of classes before the summer break.
"Mr. Badur, are you paying any attention to what I'm saying?"  Her voice pierces my thoughts.
I shrug.  "Not really."
She gives an exasperated sigh.  "How do you expect to learn anything if you don't pay attention in class?"
I look up at her.  "Who's to say that we're learning anything when we pay attention?"
Muffled laughter mixed with a  few disbelieving gasps ripples through the classroom as her face reddens.  Her aura is glowing the dull red and grey of irritation. 
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Mech Attack
The alarm claxon wailed to life, bringing a pause to the card game.  "Enemy units have breached the perimeter, all hands to your stations!  I repeat, we have hostile units within the base!"  The voice coming over the intercom sounded panicked.
As the other players bolted for the door he paused only long enough to scoop up the monetary contents of the table before dashing off himself.
The hanger was absolute chaos, mechanics and their vehicles rushing in all directions, trying desperately to ready their charges for an emergency scramble.  Periodic rumblings through the ground only emphasized the need for haste.  He raced down the catwalk to his own mech.  The black and white checkerboard pattern of the mercenary's Shaman a dramatic difference from that of the standard army mechs.  
He hurriedly strapped in and powered up the medium mech.  The explosions were now audible.  To either side he could se
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500 Words
500 Words
A twelve hour work day as well as the kids cared for
The yard is mown, the house is swept
Five hundred more words
Out all day, hit the gym
Eyes so heavy they feel like lead
Five hundred more words
Six hours in the air, visiting family
Bags to unpack, calls to make
Five hundred more words
Gone out to eat, it's game night
Even the owls are once more abed
Five hundred more words
Five miles walked in the driving rain, dinner to make
Runny nose, stuffy head
Five hundred more words
Papers to grade, suggestions to give
A faculty meeting to attend, a guest speech to make
Five hundred more words
Long days and nights
Good health and bad
Five hundred more words to write.
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The Faceless Teacher
The Faceless Teacher
My words spread across their screens
Scrolling on in seemingly endless number
Meaning hidden amongst strung together syllables
Old and young they come to hear me speak
Some are bold, some are meek
One and all though it is knowledge they seek
Bits and bytes flash back and forth at lightspeed
Questions, answers, concerns, complaints, I hear them all
Patiently I respond to each, characters forming syllables forming words forming sentences
A formless voice, speaking from where they know not
Rambling words of wisdom old in knowledge but young in years
The voice of authority, of reassurance
From whence did he come
Why is he here
Who is this invisible teacher in the night
Am I worthy of them
Many of whom know far more than I of life
Do I not learn as much as they when we speak in unspoken words
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The Searcher
I have died a thousand deaths.
I have lived a thousand lives.
I have marched with Caesar's legions.
I have sailed all seven seas.
I know the highest mountain peaks
and the hidden valleys of the land.
I have stood astride the stars themselves
and walked the many hells.
I have experienced love both greater and deeper than any mortal heart can bear.
I have stood fast by true friends as they have me.
I've known glory and fame, knowledge and wisdom.
I've had wealth, power, and prestige such as only the gods know.
But I would trade it all to once more be home.
To hear its sighing winds.
To feel its grass beneath my feet.
To once more be home.
I have died a thousand deaths.
I have lived a thousand lives.
But in the end
I still search.
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The Intelligence Job
The Intelligence Job
"Sir, there is someone here to see you, and he's wearing a uniform."
"Tell him I already sent in my monthly contribution to the Veteran's Fund and show him the door Alice."
A moment's pause.  "Sir, he says he's here on official business."
I paused before pressing the button again.  I'd only had business with Military Intelligence on a couple of occasions, they paid well, and the cases were often interesting, but the risk was usually high.  Higher than I typically care for; well it couldn't hurt to listen to their proposition.  "Send him in Alice."
The man who entered must have been in his fifties or sixties and due for rejuvenation treatments soon.  Aside from the Intelligence insignia on his uniform, there was no evidence of his rank or position.  He offered me his hand and smiled.  "Captain, it's good to see you again."
"I'm sorry, do I know you?"
He frowned, disappointed.  "You don't
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Street Fight
Shades of Red and Black
Artillery thundered overhead to slam with a concussive force into the town a few blocks down causing a cloud of dust and smoke to blow thickly down the street bringing an acrid scent to my nostrils.  A constant sound of rolling gunfire echoed throughout the city, strangely distorted by its bouncing down alleys and side streets.  To my right a house burned, bright orange and red flames reaching for the sky and producing enough heat to blister unprotected skin even clear across the street while it sent clouds of thick black smoke up into the sky to merge with countless siblings to form a pall that blocked out the sun.  Behind me sat the rest of the squad, faces blackened by three days of constant urban fighting with soot, dirt and cameo paint, taking a brief moment’s rest in this manmade Hell.  Their eyes were sunken sockets, their every movement spoke of great exhaustion.  I didn’t even know their
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