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The Kessel Run

This is a personal piece I've had in my head for a little while - finally had a few hours spare to get it done! It's based on the excellent Drew Struzen poster for The Cannonball Run [link]

Tried out a new, slightly more comic illustration style for this one. Also made a few arbitrary layout and font changes from the original. Nice to have it out of my system!
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He saw the future!
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Just a matter of time now before we actually get a movie depicting the kessel run in some form. We can only hope it turns out a fraction as awesome as this movie would be!
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This is supercool!
(But who's the blondie?)
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BRILLIANT!! Laughed out loud at that, well done!
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A lot can happen in 12 Parsecs...
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Awesome!  I want to see this movie.  No police lights on the tie fighters? ;-)
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Oh man - fantastic! If only THIS were episode VII?!? ;)
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I think it's clever!
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Fantastic idea! :+fav:

I just don't like the use of Helvetiva up there. Yeah I know, it was in the original as well; I just don't like it ;)
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Great work! I have one question, though - what does the "18" on the speed limit sign reference?
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Also - before anyone chips in - I put Maximum SPEED 18 Parsecs as a joke on the 'distance/speed' nonsense! :D
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Hi there. If I've researched it right, 18 parsecs is the distance of The Kessel Run. Hence Han Solo's bragging about doing it is under 12 parsecs (don't get me started on the whole 'parsecs as unit of distance not time' brouha - I think Lucas was just having an off day when he wrote that bit!). Thanks for the feedback!
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AH-Mazingly brilliant and Geektastic in every way.
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Outstandingly brilliantly geniusly cool!
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Wow, that's another great poster I didn't know Drew had done. I must get around to buying a book with his poster art.

PS, your poster is awesome too :)
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If this were made into a movie, it sure would be an interesting one to say the least.

Great piece.
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I've bookmarked and faved this. This is awesome ;)
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Fave, fave, a million time FAVE!!!! Best poster EVAR! I love cannonball Run! I want to see this movie made now! awesome job yo!
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