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TMNT- Nothing to Fear cover

At long last, my first Ninja Turtles fan comic is ready to launch! Over the course of October, I'll be posting all 12 full color pages of the story inspired by my previous piece, "Splinter's Worst Nightmare" (color courtesy of :iconpowderakacaseyjones:).

It's newly christened title is "Nothing to Fear."

Story Description:
"Master Splinter's rigorous mental discipline in the way of Bushido is about to be put to the ultimate test! While meditating in the secret sewer lair of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some of his most feared adversaries suddenly converge upon him at once! Who is responsible for this home invasion? And how will Splinter ever escape from this horrible surprise?"

Seeing how this is my first attempt at doing something so ambitious as a comic, I do appreciate comments, compliments, and even critiques so that I can improve my artistic skills. Over the last couple of months, I've learned basic competence in how to color digitally in Gimp.

On to Page 1:

Download the whole comic in CBZ format!
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I worked hard to make it so!  Glad you enjoyed it. 

Did you have a favorite page or plot twist?
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Hmm... Favorite page... You have some great moments. I love the shot of cat-girl o'neil and the reactions of the other characters on page 4. The last panel on page 6 is great going into the shredder page and feels like a nightmarish chase. I also like how on page 10 you use each of the Turtle's colors for their word balloons when they speak off screen. But my favorite page is page 5. I enjoyed how there are mousers everywhere! And their impeeding Splinter's escape. I liked your alternate ending. Even though page page 12 is your official ending I liked how the story still continues into page 13. If you end up doing a follow up story I'd love to see where you'd go from here! Totally cool fan comic!
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Wow, thanks so much for all the feedback on my pages.  I really appreciate that, since it seems I get a very low percentage of feedback for every view/fave received.  Getting individual comments about story details really makes my day!

Regarding the debut of Cat-Girl O'Neil (fun name to write out, actually), I wanted that page to communicate the horrific surprise at her reveal, even though I teased it quite obviously on the last panel of the previous page (and the full cover spread!).  Drawing much of my influence from the classic Universal Monsters films like Wolfman (catch that cameo?), April's descent into a beast needed to carry a sufficient punch of dramatic weight to poor Splinter's gut.  The layout was tough to get right (I posted various rejected designs in my Scraps folder), but I'm overall satisfied with the final page.

Yes, the Splinter case was somewhat inspired by the two episodes in which a tiger gets loose in the Turtles lair.  So rarely did their home base fall under siege in the show, so I wanted to keep the action confined while adding a new twist to the usually safe confines of their sewer lair.  Glad you liked that sequence.

Page 10 was the happy twist and I wanted to restore a sense of tranquility to the place.  Having the turtles finally appear added a lot to that effect I think.  I loved the scenes of them chilling out watching old horror movies.  I'm glad you appreciated use strategic use of color too.

Drawing lots of Mousers is something I just keep seem doing in my Turtles fan art.  I love their design, and they were sorely underused in both the old toon and the Mirage comics.  If you look closely, I rarely draw them fully consistent either. It seems I keep changing the designs on their leg joints.

Glad you like both the official and alternate endings.  The official ending completes the story, but the alternate expands the perspective into a possible continuation that exists in my mind.  Plus, I couldn't resist the "it was a dream... or was it?" cliche.
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Nice! I used to love beating up on mousers in the old school Turtle video games.
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Me too! Another robot enemy that was infamous to my gaming memories was the Roadkill Rodney . . . which was also surprisingly neglected by the cartoon show after their debut episode.  They were quite effective yet never seen again.  I would have loved an action figure, and I actually do have them in my script for my 2nd comic (in a cameo capacity though).
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DUDE, way to go!!! Personal projects like this are such a great way to learn and grow! Looking forward to reading it :)
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There wasn't much text in this comic, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!
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Cool! Can't wait!
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