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Splinter's Nightmare (Color version)

Check out my fan comic based on this piece here:

The story:
"Master Splinter is beset by his most feared foes: cats and mousers! Worst of all, leading this home invasion is none other than the turtles' beloved friend, April O'Neil, who has apparently been transformed into a fearsome feline once again! Has the evil Shredder masterminded this fiendish plot, or is it all a figment of Splinter's mind?"

EPIC digital colors by:

My original inked version:

Click "Download" for the Super-Sized version.
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Remember the toy where April becomes a tigerwoman?  
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Even Master Splinter is screwed in this scenario.
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Nice story to go with it.
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I have not. I will read it.
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Heh, yeah, I really put him in a pickle.  If if you read my 13 page comic inspired by this piece, you'll see it all worked out in the end.
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I had a fun time drawing this and Powder's coloring job inspired me to expand the concept into a short comic.  Do try to check it out in my gallery if you've got an interest.
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Splinter is about to get nom'd
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Nah, he's too crafty an old rat for that!
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yeah... i rather doubt that
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Aw, just read my 13-page fan-comic "Nothing to Fear" to get the "official" answer! :-)
I don't know. Splinter with a mutated April in the same room. I'd say that would be a dream come true for Splinter.

The idea is good, both mutants are opposite to each other, but love, although Splinter is afraid of April, which creates a conflict.

Still ship them, though.

Me too. Any options. And also Irma and Splinter. I remember an episode where, upon learning about Splinter, she wanted to meet him expecting a young strong man, she was glad to meet him, but she was a little disappointed. Ironically, the fact that Irma doesn't have a boyfriend has always been the subject of a comedy in the cartoon. And Splinter once checked out the beauty of April, but was so deprived of female attention. So I imagined everyone accidentally leaving the two of them in the room.

Irma and Splinter at the same time: Ay, to hell with it! Go here! Let's finally do it!

April: Oh, hello Irma, congratulations, you are now one of us!

Lotus: Girls, the question on the agenda is how are we going to divide our sensei?

Irma: Everything is clear...a child's counting rhyme.

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You've seen the Cat Woman from Channel Six episode, right? Mutated Cat-April is NOT Splinter's idea of a fun time!
Yes. I have seen it. I have also seen that April rubs Splinter's cheek.

Or maybe I'm a huge April/Splinter fan.

Anyway I see it, Splinter would enjoy some alone time with April. No matter how she looks.
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Eh... I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then. I definitely went with the primal cat-rat adversarial role in my comic based on this image... although I did throw in a redemptive note at the end. I tried to stick close to the source material of the TV show, which means NO April-Splinter romance. :-)

And to quote the disclaimer on the box of the "Mutatin' April" action figure:
"Just one more bit of advice: don't Mutate April and Splinter in the same room together! Me-ow!"
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