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Leonardo by Night [Michael Dooney art with color]

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*** Image updated November 4, 2019 with upscaled source courtesy of :iconpowderakacaseyjones: ***

"Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night might become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."

I applied some digital colors to :iconmichaeldooney: 's commission of Leonardo as a werewolf, based on the 1993 TMNT Universal Studios Monsters Playmates Toys action figure, "Leo as the Wolf Man, The Carniverous Canine Creature!"  This is one of my all time favorite Dooney drawings, probably because Wolfman Leonardo was one of my alltime favorite action figures!  And Lon Chaney Jr.'s The Wolf Man is definitely among my all-time favorite monster movies.  They really don't make 'em like that anymore.  Unfortunately, I only had a low res thumbnail image to work from when adding digital color via Gimp.

See the original piece here!

Courtesy of the toy's packaging:


Boney Kantana , Wolfhead Cane , Fiendish Foot Trap , Silver Bullet-shootin' Gun 

Favorite Movie:

"I Was a Teenage Mutant Turtlewolf"

Favorite Pizza Toppin':

Meat (any kind; he's not picky)


When the moon is full and the howl is nigh, no Foot fool is safe from the wolf - the Wolfman, that is! Leo's the scream of the screen - and he's been bitten by the wolf - the Universal Monster Wolfman - and now he's out for meat! Every full moon, Leo changes right before your eyes - then he bites - if you're a Foot fool! Prowlin' the night like the classic Universal Wolfman, Leo feeds on Foot fear, raw Mutant meat and an occasional canine pizza. And when he finds a tasty Foot fiend, he whips out his boney katana and cuts 'em down to size! Never let it be said that Wolfman Leo doesn't have a heart. This howlin' horror shatters the night with hauntin' gruntin' and grizzly growlin' while he Mutates from Turtle Teen into a hairy, fanged, Foot-feedin' fanatic - just like in the movies, kids! When the Sun goes down and the full moon penetrates the thin veil of the night, the Foot run for cover - and Leo runs for meat. Got any? 
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