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I have recently been diagnosed with cancer of the neck and throat.  As I make this journey through radiation and chemo, I will not be uploading as much or as often.  These pages will remain, however for as long as DA exists.  Thank you.
I just found 72 pages of Poser Renders in my storage.  Didn't remember putting them there but I am going to unstore them a page or two at a time.  They will not be categorized so just click on my gallery and start flipping through pages and pages of stuff.  You are on your own.
Free is free.  I don't care how you use backgrounds, characters, Poser renders, personally, commercially, whatever.  If I upload it for public use, it's free to use.  Credit is not necessary but always appreciated and honored.  I no longer have time to join groups so please don't ask.  I appreciate all the favorites, but I am not likely to respond.  Between, the beadwork, the husband, the dog, household chores, yardwork, and old age, you will be among the lucky few if I answer a personal email.  Thank you in advance for all the kind comments, the favs, and artwork you show me.

The Management

PS: Donald Trump is a douchebag.