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Araceli Pregnant

Here's two versions of Araceli from I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle. Didn't put shadows on her yet and she's missing the little ponytail (Or perhaps its just behind her neck.) And I omitted the yellow trim on her little vest and on her bra. I decided to give her Elf ears; she is a natural-born genie as far as we know (unless her backstory from the contest holds.)

Do genies wear underpants in IDOAJB? Harem pants are supposed to be diaphanous, and the ones that Barbara Eden wore in IDOJ certainly were. She was also really most sincerely wearing underpants, and maybe underpants under her underpants. NBC censors might have checked!

I have in mind a doujin (not hentai) where Araceli's bottle finally arrives. Since its package was so badly addressed, it could have taken nearly nine months to finally be delivered to Neil Anton, Araceli's favorite master. In that case, this could be her just back out of her bottle...

February 15

Cleaner lines, and the bun in back is there now.
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Should I guess who the daddy is?
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You got a link to the non censored picture?
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Nope. There aren't any really naughty bits anyway--it was just funnier to censor out where they would be.

BTW, the navel showing through the waistband isn't a mistake. Since Araceli is very pregnant, she has an outie now, which shows through the stretch fabric.
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KK. May oddness win the war