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Yennefer x Triss

By OlchaS
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Yay, finished to draw december yuri piece ^v^ Not very happy with the result, so will have to draw these ladies again in the future ;P

My December tier 15 patrons will get (Yennefer x Triss :nsfw optional:):

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If you missed this piece it's still possible to get the rewards via pledges, which include past months tiers ^v~ www.patreon.com/olchas

Many thanks for viewing and for all faves and comments Heart bum 

Ho Ho Santa Ho Ho Santa Ho Ho Santa Ho Ho Santa 

New Year Ahri by OlchaS 

Winter Samus :December only bonus: by OlchaS  XMas 2B by OlchaS  Christmas Tinker Bell by OlchaS

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I wish I could be their slaves for Eternity!

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...nice -- two times better.
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This is sweet brother! Mind if I animate this?

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absolutely fantastic art work!!!
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Two hottest Witcher 3 women ! ;)
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Yup gonna play the witcher 3 again
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Is Yenn modeled off Raie Suicide?
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So THAT is the Valley of Plenty...
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LOL!!!!!!!!! You really made my day with that comment HAHAHA!!! :headbang: :D

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Oh my god,so good.

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:drool: The Thiccher!!! :drool:
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Upcoming adult cartoon? 🙈
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