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Vampire Countess Ashe v2


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One more sfw version with vampire Ashe :3 Actually I started to draw this lingerie instead of first outfit, because wanted smth a bit more sexy. But in process I realized that new one is less "vampire" and less "countess", so returned to original idea. But I spent too much time working on second lingerie, decided to finish it too and here it is 💖

My dear October patrons will get (Vampire Countess Ashe :nsfw optional:):

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If you missed this piece it's still possible to get the rewards via pledges, which include past months tiers ^v~

Many thanks for attention! Wish you all a very nice day Heart bum 

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Why does one of tbe tags say blizzard entertainment, and over watch? This is riot games...specifically league of legends...

Good art though

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ACK! Version two is more diabolically sexy. Must... slay... too late... I'm in her power!
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Wow.. so sexy <3 
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So sexy and beautiful!!!
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very nice Cool Emoticon Thumbsup EmoticonBravo #2
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She's a cute hot vampire! :p
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:love:I love Ashe!!!:love:
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Without the stake is much better... for her, at least! :heart:
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