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Vampire Countess Ashe


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Once I saw new Halloween highlight intro for McCree in OW, I thought not about Reaper, but about Ashe!🧛🏼‍♀️ Van Helsing caught a vampire countess and he is ready to pierce her with his aspen stake 😜

My dear October patrons will get (Vampire Countess Ashe :nsfw optional:):

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If you missed this piece it's still possible to get the rewards via pledges, which include past months tiers ^v~

Thanks a lot for viewing and biggest thanks to everyone for kind B-day wishes!:love: 

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grandmaster006's avatar
Don’t even think about it you pervert
Akreaper's avatar
You know that the NSFW version is probably a properly shaped "Stake"right?
Iceheart-Forever's avatar
I get the feeling that stake ain't going through her heart.
Lycan-Queen88's avatar
Very cool
Do u accept PayPal for commission requests
vanBlood's avatar
Excellent too :)
Rallyguy33's avatar
I know the vampire must be slain... but she's so damn sexy!
DunkleMaterie's avatar
You know you want to use your dick, not the stake.
RMAJ's avatar
you know just once id like to see the gender rolls flipped.
kade32's avatar
She can SUCK me dry anytime. lol

See what I did there?
MichaelPP3's avatar
Well, now...! Yum!
TheVocaloid1's avatar
Amazing and awesome :wow:
Dinotremonde's avatar
No please don't kill her.
MercenaryBlade's avatar
You can stake her, or you can STAKE her.
mogoot's avatar
thats gonna be uncomfortable 
Somehow I think there is a version with a different wood stake he wants to impale her with.
mogoot's avatar
mmmmmmmmmmmmm kinky
mogoot's avatar
mmmm yes beans
This is incredibly hot.
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