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The sketch was done in November, when I hold a poll 'Tyrande vs Jaina', and I'm really happy that finally made this piece too!F2U Moon pixel small heart - aqua  She was my main in HoTS (yes, I like play healers), but after some of her abilities were changed I stopped playing her and the game in general. But still like Tyrande, I think in the future will paint her again :3

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Wow, this is so beautiful. Great work!
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Aw man not bitchy tree hair NIGHTBORNE HATER AGAIN! you yelled at Thalyssra! and you treated illidan like garbage!
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The Nightborne were the night elves that 10000 years ago helped Burning Legion invade Azeroth, only when they wanted to trash the city of Suramar that group (who had lived there) had decided to break their ties with both the demons and the rest of their kind. Tyrande was VERY right to be catious about them; and the fact that they immediately went to Horde only proves that they still prefer taking the easy way, despite giving up the Nightwell.

As for Illidan, while I love the guy, considering EVERYTHING he had put both her and Malfurion through, I can't really blame her for speaking the way she did after receiving that message from here... especially before a hero of the Alliance who aside from that is basically a stranger to her and she's the leader of her people -_- I had hoped Blizzard would offer some more private moment in a novel or so between her and Malfurion maybe when they talk about Illidan, but no such luck as of late... She did speak of him kindly in Seeds of Faith short story (set shortly before Cataclysm) I think, though that might have been Malfurion I am thinking about...
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Yeah i'd imagine Illidan never really thought She would forgive him anyways. He just wanted to get out his feelings honestly.
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The Nightborne joined Horde thereafter, she will regret it dearly.
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First Arcanist Thalyssra: By the Nightwell she will...
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Thalyssra later left it to die out, believing that was best for her people.
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First Arcanist Thalyssra: Yes. the Arcan'dor keeps the hunger away, and we are most grateful for it.
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So beautiful! The water gives a mysterious and peaceful atmosphere!
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I love Night Elf of World Of Warcraft with Blood elf. They are so beautiful.
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I think you bonded an ethereal feel with the nature aesthetic of Night Elves very well here.
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This is really beautiful! The pinks and blues really help accent the piece!
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         Lotus Leaf 
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It's lovely! Tyrande is one of my favorite WoW characters.
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Beautiful. I love :)
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Wow! She`s like a princess! :aww:
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Just beautiful dear friend your art gets more and more lovely 😍💖:glomp:
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