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Second artwork of my WoW 'Girls and ponds' series and the most requested character - gorgeous Lady Sylvanas 💙 In this picture I tried to show the part of her story which you can see while doing quests in Stormheim. Now she dissappeared as well as Jaina and I'm really interested in what will happen with them in the future!

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I miss *this* Sylvanas Windrunner.

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Warchief Sylvanas, I implore you to stop this. Azeroth has seen enough bloodshed. The Alliance and Horde should not be enemies. Think of all we have done together- the enemies we have conquered, catastrophes ended. Even if we were to fight for a thousand more years, it would make little difference. Please, in the name of all life on Azeroth, I beg you to accept our offer of peace.
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The Alliance and Horde will always be at each other’s throats. No piece of parchment will change that.

dark elfs are always sexy 
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She is undead, though :D
undead elfs always sexy though... mixture of my 2 favorite things in one 
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Yeah but she's...like...really "well-preseved".
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[Sylvanas] The Valk'yr... are mine...        [Genn Greymane] 'yanks the lantern out of her hand, and slams it into the floor  -.-        [Sylvanas] DAMMIT!
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Genn Greymane: you robbed my son's future, now I took away yours!
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Sylvanas: 'grips bow'  -.-          Ayir: 'gives middle finger before going back to the Halls of Valor'
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Looks so amazing >u< the lights are so good <3
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She looks amazing.
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amazing work :omgomg: the lights are so good
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awesome job
love everything about her :D
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Nicely done. Great job with the background as well!
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Brilliant!    :-)
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This is so incredible
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Omg! Amazing work :O <3
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The entire image is done so well... Yet another piece which makes me want to only get better. Inspirational
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So powerful en pretty
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