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Pool Party Katarina


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Hello everyone!:heart: rvmp 

I returned from my vacation and started to work on new pieces for you ^v^ Most of my problems are still with me, but I definetely feel better and start to be more optimistic :) Btw, you can follow also me on Twitter or Patreon, I do posts there a bit more often and also share sketches ;)

And the first artwork of this month is with gorgeous Katarina Heart La I planned to make a quick and simple art, but my vacation inspired me to paint a piece as a couple to this Sona artwork created last summer:
Summer Sona by OlchaS 
The idea of her outfit was in my head since autumn and I'm so happy finally to depict it! Hope you will like it :3

My hot patrons will get (Pool Party Katarina :nsfw optional:)

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Thank you very much for waiting for new arts and for staying with me! Love you, guys 5 seconds hug Wish you all a wonderful weekend! ^3^


Hot Pizza Delivery Sivir by OlchaS  True Lara Croft. True Tomb Raider by OlchaS  Brigitte by OlchaS  Valentine's Dove Mercy by OlchaS  Paya by OlchaS


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Okee Dehhh....Mantaabbbbb.

SSJBGogeta's avatar
Amazing work! You do not know how many times I've mistook Katarina from League of Legends for Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail!
darnasus's avatar
TrueWriterS99's avatar
Would it be possible for you to make a complete collection of her??? Like how much could I contract you to do that for me personally????
TrueWriterS99's avatar
This is literally, to the hair AND eye color, my exact freaking dream woman. I mean, this artist legit drew my dream woman literally from my brain, I swear to God. This is perfection and I wish to God she existed.
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Monkey love Monkey love Monkey love Monkey love Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey 
Unseeming's avatar
Dayum, Katarina be thiccer than I remembered ;)
TheVocaloid1's avatar
Awesome and sexy :wow:
StarWarsGirl101's avatar
YESS!!! I LOVE THIS!!! ♥♥♥
mpz28's avatar
very nice Cool Emoticon Love Bravo #2
Flowrant's avatar
I still love your work :heart:
ForkrexX's avatar
You know how when you have too much of something it becomes worthless?
KNFM's avatar
Beautiful Katarina!
LouisPointe's avatar
very good drawing
S3rb4n's avatar
Amazing job!
HasssanArt's avatar
OMG so pure art
XLivixal-FantasyX's avatar
This looks great! :D
cyke40's avatar
Welcome back dear friend :glomp:
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