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Christmas Mercy 2017


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Finished to paint December wallpaper ^v^ This is Mercy in the outfit I created for her a year ago Santa Clause I made some minor changes in the skin and didn't paint the wings this time, because she lies on the snow. But I decided to draw something like symbolic wingprints on the snow Angelmote Hope you like this art!

P.S. This arts reminds me Coca-Cola commercial with Christmas trucks :D 

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Thank you very much for being with me!! *send you lots of hugs* Hug 


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I'm a lil late. But fitting that I'm commenting, now that it's Dece!her
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shut up nigga

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Wow! just... Wow :O [#78] Heart Eyes Emoji Samsung 
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The PERFECT snow angel!!!

Once again, an excellent work you did, keep it up!
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WOW!!  This is truly gorgeous!!
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Beautiful and festive.
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:XD: :heart:  Merry! Merry!
All these are lovely...
beautifully done mercy nazi master race of hotness T_T 
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I love her long red gloves she is divine.
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Blew it twice now. Such a easy thing I thought to give her a skin. I mean....isn't it obvious to give her a Snow Angel skin?
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Nice colours and posture! Nice work on the winter theme and character concept!

She looks beautiful!
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She is so cute ha X)
  Stamp: Christmas by FlantsyFlan
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