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Hi guys!

You can now support me on Patreon to help me draw more!La la la la .:Bullet:. Patreon

November rewards will be sent soon! 
 Patreon will start charging patrons for November on December 1st. Rewards will be sent on 7-10th of December!
Old rewards are still available via tiers which include current + previous month packs!

February'19 Rewards summary:
Click here to get detailed info
February'19  rewards preview by OlchaS

Why did I create Patreon page?

People often ask me which tools I use, how the process looks like and if I'm doing speedpaints etc. Patreon will help me to get time for creating such content! I'll start doing more fan arts, original pieces, tutorial and even video) At this moment my PC is too weak that it freezes even while painting >< Achieving Patreon goals will help me to upgrade it and to work easier and more productive ;) (Wink)

What you will get:
  • All my works done during the month
  • High-res images
  • Step-by-steps
  • Tutorials
  • NSFW versions
  • Photoshop files and brushes packs
  • New wallpapers each month
  • Art raffles
  • Video processes of the work

Also I have some ideas for my own project and with your help I'll be able to start working on itLove My patrons will be the first who can see all information about it, concept arts, exclusive illustrations and more! 

I love to paint and want to create more art for you - please help my dream come trueReach for the Stars 

Thank you very much for your support, love you!:heart: rvmp 


  Patreon February Rewards by OlchaS  Patreon March Rewards by OlchaS  Patreon April Rewards by OlchaS 
May rewards patreon by olchas by OlchaS  June rewards preview by olchas by OlchaS  July rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  August rewards preview by OlchaS 
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July'17 rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  August'17 rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  September'17 tier 20 rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  October'17 tier 21  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  November'17 tier 22  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS
December'17 tier 23  rewards preview by OlchaS  January'18 rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  February'18 tier 25  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  March'18 tier 26  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  May'18 tier 27  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS
April'18 tier 27  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  June'18 tier 29  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  July'18 tier 30  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  August'18 tier 31  rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  September'18 tier 31  rewards preview by OlchaS
October'18 rewards preview by OlchaS  November'18 rewards preview by OlchaS by OlchaS  December'18 rewards preview by OlchaS  January'19 rewards preview by OlchaS
Last update: 8 September 2018

Commissions [Closed] by RevPixy
* * * * * 
At this moment commissions are closed, I accept only well known characters from games, anime etc!

Donut   Watercolor сhibi - $20
+ chibi pets, furniture and other huge objects +$5-7

Sweet Cherry by OlchaS Arcane Magic by OlchaS Chibi commission: Ao Ikimono by OlchaS Commission: Megan by OlchaS  Gift: Cassiea by OlchaS  Commission: Arata by OlchaS

Donut  Painted digital сhibi - $45-60
+ chibi pet/weapon/other stuff +$10-15
  Commission: Chibi Archbishop by OlchaS

Donut Digital portrait without background or simply painted bg – $90-105 (depends on complexity and amount of details)
More detailed background and additional stuff + $10-15
  Tanvi by OlchaS  Hermione by OlchaS  Cassiea by OlchaS  Ursula by OlchaS  Princess Mononoke by OlchaS  Nap time! ZzzZz by OlchaS
    Tyrande: Happy New Year! by OlchaS  Gift of the Naaru by OlchaS  Commission: Persefoni by OlchaS  Kurenai Yuuhi by OlchaS  Asuma by OlchaS  CM: Trixi Von Wile by OlchaS  Winter Berries by OlchaS

Donut  Digital half body with simply painted background - $100-120, depends on complexity of the character
Extra character + $70-85; pet + $30-40
Detailed background + $20-40 (furniture elements, flowers and so on)

  Commission: Elise by OlchaS  Commission: Kinaree and Laila by OlchaS  Party Sonia by OlchaS  Commission: Amevius by OlchaS  Commission: Sapphire by OlchaS  Sweerheart Sona    :NSFW optional: by OlchaS
   CM: Shol'ashys :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Dark Elementalist Lux  :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Valentine's Dove Mercy by OlchaS Valentine's Savita by OlchaS  New Year Sonia and Fo by OlchaS  Paya by OlchaS

Donut  Digital full body - $110-140, depends on complexity of the character
Extra character + $90-100; pet + $30-40
Max characters - 3; simple background (furniture elements, flowers and so on) +$20-35; 
Character/outfit design + 10-25$


  Sonia by OlchaS  Commission: Malwarn by OlchaS  Commission: Cyborg Neko by OlchaS  Commission: Damillia by OlchaS  Commission: Oni Ninja Baker! by OlchaS Dolly by OlchaS 
  Pool Party Riven by OlchaS  Angel of Love Mercy by OlchaS  Heartseeker Zyra by OlchaS  Steampunk Doctor Ziegler by OlchaS  Modern Cassiea by OlchaS

Donut  Digital illustration (full body or ¾ character with detailed background) – $150-250
Extra character + $100-120; pet + $30-40; mount - $45-60
Max character – 2. Outfit design: +10-25$
Serrian :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Merry Christmas! by OlchaS  Commission: Sia'va by OlchaS  Commission: Ulrika :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Commission: Laila and Caleb :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Commission: Elizabeth :NSFW optional: by OlchaS
CM: Jazz Qareven   :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Commission: Iada    :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Autumnfest Mercy by OlchaS  Aanu by OlchaS  Hackmuura by OlchaS  French Maid Widowmaker by OlchaS
Valentine's Harley Quinn by OlchaS  Bride Amelie Lacroix (Widowmaker) by OlchaS  Miss Fortune by OlchaS  Pool Party Katarina by OlchaS  Khora by OlchaS  Queen Azshara by OlchaS
Commission: Xenovia Quarta by OlchaS  Princess Zelda   :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Commission: Saber Lily by OlchaS

Donut More simple works with lineart costs 60-70% of usual prices.
Rangiku Matsumoto by OlchaS  Takao by OlchaS 

Donut  Unique digital wallpaper (wallpaper sized highly detailed illustration with complex background). Price will depend on amount of details!
Portrait wallpaper - $100-150, extra character + $80-90; pet + $30-40

Half body wallpaper - $145-180 , extra character + $90-100; pet + $30-40

Full body or ¾, detailed background – 180-300$, extra character + $100-110; pet + $30-40; mount - $45-60
Silence of Stars by OlchaS  CM: Avelandea by OlchaS  Commission: Temari by OlchaS  Witch Mercy :NSFW optional: by OlchaS  Goddess Symmetra    :NSFW optional: by OlchaS
CM: Lilythena by OlchaS  CM: Valeera by OlchaS  Tifa by OlchaS  CM: Trick or T... Tea! by OlchaS  Autumn Poison Ivy by OlchaS
True Lara Croft. True Tomb Raider by OlchaS  Mai Shiranui by OlchaS  Whitemane Mercy by OlchaS  Summer Camilla by OlchaS 

Donut I DON'T draw:
- Violence/vore/gore and so on
- Yaoi
- Mecha and complex engines
- Just animals (I draw them only as pets or mounts of characters)
- Furry and anthro
- NSFW arts with characters under 18 ages and characters who look like kids

Donut I ALSO DO draw:
- Yuri
- Nudity. Additional cost starts from $25. If NSFW version will be exclusive for my patrons on Patreon, you'll get a discount.
- Sexual themed artworks

Donut Additional: 
- Portraits of real people cost $25-30 more
- Weapons/lots of details and so on will make the price higher
- If you'd like to get a commission out of turn/on high priority/when commissions are closed, this will cost additional 60% of the price
- Supporting me on Patreon you get special commission terms and early slots access
- If you allow me to make nsfw version exclusive for you and my patrons only, you will get a discount or free nsfw
- popular and well know characters cost less

Donut  Important:

- If you didn't find any type in this list or want something unusual (for example, reference sheet) just send a note to me and we will discuss the type and prices individually.
- To order a commission you need to send me a note with all info about your charaters: their appearance, nature, story + references, if you have them. 
- I send you an answer with confirmation and show you a sketch, then you make a payment (the full cost, the tax is paid by the customer) and then I finish your commission. I accept PayPal ans USD only.
Chibi - full prepaid.
- No refunds. After commission is finished it's impossible to redraw it, I can only correct some little details.
- The more freedom you give to me, the more inspired I am and the better result will be. See my gallery, and if you like my work, just trust me) I'll try to do everything to create an awesome art for you :heart:
- You have the right to use the image for personal purposes, but if you plan on commercially profiting from it (ie., selling / redistributing), the price will have to be adjusted accordingly.
Prices of commercial digital artworks starts from $190 (for ex. $130 for digital painted chibi, $250 for portrait etc.). Contact me for more detailed information.
- I retain rights to use arts in my portfolio, to claim that the artwork was made by me and to publish step-by-step of the images.
- I retain rights to use a sketch idea for my personal purposes if this sketch is not accepted by you. Of course, there will be another character, not yours. If you don't accept a sketch you can't publish it, give to another artist and so on.
- When commission will be finish, I'll submit it to my gallery and send a full size scan/digital drawing to you via stash. Sorry, I don't send watercolor originals. Let me know if you'd like to keep a picture private or to stay anonymous!


OlchaS's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

You can contact me via notes on DeviantArt or via email:


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Collecting points to extend Core Membership, so I'll be able to keep my page more informative with thumbnails, previews and more!🌸
Thank you in advance for every donation^u^ Love you all :heart:

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