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You're beautiful

By OlayaValle
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This is my humble tribute to all the beautiful ladies in the world, doesn´t matter their size or shape.
Although I always draw pear-shaped girls, I think that every body it’s beautiful on its own way. A curvy woman is as real woman as a flat and skinny one. That’s why I don’t like too much the statment “real women have curves”, although I’m pretty curvy.Our body is our temple and as long our body is healthy, is beautiful.

The sketch of this illustration become so popular in my tumblr ([link]) that I had to paint it!

I've been very busy these last weeks. Now that I have some spare time, I've decided to start a project that I had in mind several months ago. So, I opened an Etsy store!

Link: [link]

And this is my first artwork on sale, so if you like it you can buy a print signed by me : )
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Ah, the pursuit of beauty. A true debacle of trivial falsehood woven within the threads of the human mind.

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both are shagadelic
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I love both of them.
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Oops, the girl is on the right (dyslexic fingers) 😱

Sexy woman is on the left, ref. previous comments...
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Excellent message, which I wholly endorse!
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The sexy curvy woman on the left could be a twin for my wife 😍  Beautiful ! 😘

PS. The girl on the left appears to be too young to be viewed in a sexual way, but that may be my subjective view too 😜  I guess I like a woman to look like a woman 😁
Id have to say that I love this the most... The message is wonderful.
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Wow, this is so cute! You seem to like girls with bubblegum-pink hair! (*whispers* I do too) ;D
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This is a fine picture.

And a good message that goes with.
This is super cute! :)
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Great work, If only everyone whould see it this way.
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the most stunning poster i've ever seen! such beautiful women both plump and thin :3
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Love it, saw it on facebook being shared around with the text changed (a different text in another language - brazilian portuguese - but still with a similar message). I hate when I find great art with no credit (my pet peeve), so I used google image search and voila :)
I really like the way you draw and color!
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Not everyone can, but everyone can try...
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I've been on the hunt for this lovely piece every since I found it online. It's so fantastic, and it speaks to me on many levels! I see that you no longer have any available in your etsy store...and I can only hope that you'll offer more prints in the future!

- Kitty
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That is one great statement ^^
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oh my god, butt freckles. the butt freckles. so cute -w-
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it's cellulite! hehehe
bananani's avatar
Well then it's goddamn adorable cellulite XD heehee
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