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Me in Gacha by OlanR24 Me in Gacha :iconolanr24:OlanR24 3 7 Marquis's sleepover (COLORED) (Read description) by OlanR24 Marquis's sleepover (COLORED) (Read description) :iconolanr24:OlanR24 8 0 Stormy likes Burger King? by OlanR24 Stormy likes Burger King? :iconolanr24:OlanR24 3 13 Olan standing in Miitopia (GIF) by OlanR24 Olan standing in Miitopia (GIF) :iconolanr24:OlanR24 2 0 Enjoying the Portland view by OlanR24 Enjoying the Portland view :iconolanr24:OlanR24 1 26 Stormy raspberry by OlanR24 Stormy raspberry :iconolanr24:OlanR24 4 5 OlanR24's 1st anniverary! (NOT 3) by OlanR24 OlanR24's 1st anniverary! (NOT 3) :iconolanr24:OlanR24 5 16 Mae's Mini Slave by OlanR24 Mae's Mini Slave :iconolanr24:OlanR24 9 1,219 Meet Stormfly by OlanR24 Meet Stormfly :iconolanr24:OlanR24 6 21 Olan in different styles (so far..) by OlanR24 Olan in different styles (so far..) :iconolanr24:OlanR24 3 22 I love thy paw! (Old Miifoto) by OlanR24 I love thy paw! (Old Miifoto) :iconolanr24:OlanR24 2 13 Lost in the Devil's yard. (Old Miifoto) by OlanR24 Lost in the Devil's yard. (Old Miifoto) :iconolanr24:OlanR24 2 0
A day at Ember Dracon Studios. Part 1
This is based off an rp with :iconember-dracon: that we didn't finish but I can just make stuff up
Also.. this isn't exactly how we did it so I will play it just a tiny bit different
LANGUAGE, NUDITY AND JOKES WITH BEER... and foot massages but that's harmless
Anyways.. ENJOY
Ember and Lance (C) Ember-Dracon
Olan and Jordan (C) OlanR24/Columbia Pictures
Mae, Bea and Greeg (C) Night in the woods

One day in Portland, My tall and chubby raccoon friend Lance was hiding me from Troyer when Lance decided to shrink me and hide me under his paw and he takes me to my apartment and we are outside where the steps are
Lance: Well, Olan. I guess your safe from Troyer now!
Me: Yeah, Thanks dude! your the best
Lance: No pro- Ow..
Me: You okay?
Lance: Yeah, my paw just hurts a little... say Olan... would you be a pal and maybe rub it for a minuet?
Me: Sure! (I start rubbing his huge paw with my tiny M
:iconolanr24:OlanR24 1 12
My favorite part of the game! by OlanR24 My favorite part of the game! :iconolanr24:OlanR24 2 39 Angela singing Somewhere over the rainbow by OlanR24 Angela singing Somewhere over the rainbow :iconolanr24:OlanR24 2 0 My birthday party part 2! by OlanR24
Mature content
My birthday party part 2! :iconolanr24:OlanR24 3 15
Enjoy my gallery.. I don't have much to offer


Mae Borowski Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly Mae Borowski Fan Button :iconeclipsabutterfly:EclipsaButterfly 3 1 Simple Math 5/5 by RJWJ186 Simple Math 5/5 :iconrjwj186:RJWJ186 1 4
100 Asks
. Real name - Ronald
2. Nickname - RJ
3. Favorite color - Orange
4. Male or female - Male.
5. Elementary/primary school - Mattaponi Elementary you
6. Middle/secondary school - IDK
7. High school/college-sixth form - Haven't Gone Yet
8. College/university - Havent gotten to college yet
9. Hair color - Black
10. Tall or short - Tall
11. Sweats or jeans - Sweats
12. Phone or camera - Phone
13. Health freak - Nope.
14. Orange or apple - Orange
15. Into guys or girls - Girls
16. Guy friends or girl friends - Both.
17. Piercings - Nothing
18. Pepsi or Coke - Niether
19. Have you been in an airplane - Twice
20. Have you been in a relationship - No
21. Have you been in a car accident - No
22. Have you been in a fist fight - Not Necessarily
23. First piercing - Never had one
24. Best friend - Nicholas
25. First award - Honor Award
26. First crush - None
27. First word - Mommy
28. Any talent - Singing
29. Last person you talked to - Grandmother
30. Last person you texted - Dad
31. Last person yo
:iconrjwj186:RJWJ186 2 10
Uh oh.. Part 1/2 by RJWJ186 Uh oh.. Part 1/2 :iconrjwj186:RJWJ186 1 2 Uh oh.. Part 2/2 by RJWJ186 Uh oh.. Part 2/2 :iconrjwj186:RJWJ186 2 16 Sylveon by PinkieKilledRD Sylveon :iconpinkiekilledrd:PinkieKilledRD 1 87 Aaron Winchester 2017-18 by AGlassOfBuizel Aaron Winchester 2017-18 :iconaglassofbuizel:AGlassOfBuizel 17 20 Chilling On The Lake by StampyDragon Chilling On The Lake :iconstampydragon:StampyDragon 169 53 Fairly Odd Zootopia OC Characters by FairytalesArtist Fairly Odd Zootopia OC Characters :iconfairytalesartist:FairytalesArtist 30 21 Indiana Bowles by Jai302 Indiana Bowles :iconjai302:Jai302 3 0 E.T. Pizza T-Shirt by Jai302 E.T. Pizza T-Shirt :iconjai302:Jai302 4 0 Sleeping on raik foot by Darz213 Sleeping on raik foot :icondarz213:Darz213 11 5 olanr24 Trade by Darz213 olanr24 Trade :icondarz213:Darz213 40 25 olanr24's Point commission by Darz213 olanr24's Point commission :icondarz213:Darz213 52 15 [Commission] Just a lick by BigClaudia [Commission] Just a lick :iconbigclaudia:BigClaudia 10 2
The Golden Switch
(We open up to Olan and RJ walking into Olan's apartment, RJ is carrying a big cardboard box)
RJ: This is gonna be great!
Olan: It sure is!
(We see Abby, Kayla and Jasmine sitting in the living room)
Abby: That seems like a big box for a few sandwiches.
RJ: These aren't sandwiches. (He sets the box on the table)
Kayla: What is it then?
Olan: We met this guy outside the restaurant who sold us this box of all kinds of Nintendo merch.
Abby: .... really guys?
Jasmine: That sounds awesome!
Kayla: Let's see! (She opens the box and pulls out an amiibo) Cool, an amiibo.
RJ: What kind?
Kayla: Um... Princess Peach with Rosalina's head.
Jasmine: Oh hey! I've found Rosalina with Peach's body..
Olan and RJ: ... AWESOME!!
ABBY: Right....well I'm gonna go home and probably gonna do some window shopping on eHarmony..(she leaves)
Olan: Have fun, dear.
Jasmine: (pulls out a Mario action figure) Cool! A it's Mario!
Kayla: Urr, it has a penis drawn on it.
Jasmine: Oh, that'll come off. (She licks her fing
:iconrjwj186:RJWJ186 2 18
These people make good art.. Check it out!!


I finally got Night in the woods!
Does anybody want to give me ideas on what to draw?
I have a Wii in 2018 and I'm proud of it!
My eye lid keeps twitching... So annoying!
Am I the only one on deviantART who doesn't play fortnite?
Watch out for Hurricane Florence
Remember to those who died on 9/11...
Time to start my sophomore/ 10th grade in high school.. oh boy
Would 122 points be good for any commissions?
Who voted for me in my recent poll?
What is your favorite of my gallery?
Happy 18th Anniversary, Deviantart! Balloons V4 Balloons V4 fella's Gobbler (Party) Too bad I can't make a picture of my miis celebrating... but oh well
Pretty soon it will be 1 year on DeviantArt for me
Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of Miitopia! (At least for north america)
and also I guess you can say that means.... It's also my favorite dragon's birthday too

So Happy early anniversary, Miitopia!
and Happy B-day, Dominic
Happy Independence Day/4th of July 
To all you Red white and blue fans!American Flag Shimmy USA Flag Flag of the USA :flagofusa: 
Welp.. It's finally my 15th Birthday!!
Hey guys.. I'm bored.. does anyone want to do an RP with any of my characters?


Artist | Film & Animation
United States
Hi there, I'm Olan.
I used to be a Miitomo deviant, but since the app ended, I have thought about doing my own drawings and see what I can do.. but I need time though. but you can still check out the miifotos I made in the past. (Some can be weird though so be aware)

Lucky Number: 10
Favorite Color: Red

Foul language warning by Frelly-Is-Kelly Hug watchers stamp by ARTic-Weather I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo
Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Parents stamp by ARTic-Weather Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1 DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics
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I like to make fake movie trailers!

Character Physical appearance: I have tan skin, blue eyes, brown hair. I wear a red soccer jersey set shirt with blue pants and rubber red sneakers.

Muppet Button #12: Statler and Waldorf by IDontLikeCoffee22
Statler & Waldorf fan!
"Why do we always come here? I guess we'll never know"
Muppet Button #1: Kermit the Frog by IDontLikeCoffee22
Kermit The Frog fan!
"It's not easy being green"

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My birthday badge


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