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Published: February 8, 2008
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Just a quick one (even if he IS generally the calmer one there's no way he'll sit still for more than five minutes at a time!). A little older than last time; about twenty, say? Rather tricky doing fictional character's portraits- they're fidgits about their age, as well as not wanting to hold a pose for long.

I have done absolutely SOD ALL today and I am going to be in severe trouble if my brain doesn't kick into gear tomorrow. Mind you, I did get a rather nice pair of shoes and PHANTOM HOURGLASS at LAST *do do do doooo* which is WIN.

Oops, over-kill on the caps lock there, sorry ^^;
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at first i thought you had drawn David Bowie!
It's a great drawing, i like this kind of "messy" style :)
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MarauderGrlHobbyist General Artist
Excellent! Poor George. He never got over- what happened.

You mean Zelda, Phantom Hourglass, right?
Well, I hope you have better luck with it than me. I've been stuck on the Isle of Gust or whatever it's called.

Seriously, I lov this picture.
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MillieBeeHobbyist General Artist
It's gorgeous! The blue contrasts so well with his red hair. This is definitely how I imagined the infamous twins. :D I think Fred was the only character I genuinely cried over, and I love your comics about him coming back to life. Definitely brightens up the atmosphere.

I'm aware this is fairly old work (it says 2008 on the info) but I hope you do more work for the Weasley twins soon. You write and draw their personalities perfectly.
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Acting101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gah! So...sexy!
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This is great! I mean really really great!

Well done, I think that it is the ones that you do not spend the most time doing that turn out the best....well most of the time.

I do think he looks around twenty, WELL WELL DONE!

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:] stunning. I love it.
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Wow! You made me rememer how handsome the Weasley men are supposed to be. Gawd! That eyebrow...how it taunts me...

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You really loved the turquoise in this one didn't you?
Those color risks you take really work. It looks kinda like you used blue instead of black for some of the shadowed areas, or at least it's mainly in those areas and on his clothes.
It looks amazing in his hair, which looks extremly full and think (I want hair as think as that >< *already has pretty thick hair anyway*), along with the white. It really made it blend more into the picture.
The eyes look great. I like how you put a little white over the irises. It really helps it go along with the rest.
The lips look great! They're so perfectly shapped and the color tone is just right~! That and who doesn't like the smirk? X3
Wonderful job once again! I would comment longer but my mom is kicking me off early again! ><
Weasley-Detectives's avatar
That is one fine chin. How I love a strong chin on a man! :heart: :XD: What I enjoy about your twin-art so much is that every single time you manage to pin the subtle differences in their personalities down perfectly. Here you just peg George's more introspective nature and I loves it. Fab work! :D
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Gah! George, you can't look that hot and smug at the same time! It's just not POSSIBLE!

*500 points to Gryffindor, nay, 5000 pts to the Weasleys!*
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very nice i love it!
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my GOD that's brilliant. Excellent work.
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LeavielHobbyist Artist
I quite like it!!
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This is REALLY good, I really really like it! I think you aged him perfectly, and I like your style.
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ice-fox-keikoStudent Writer
Good job with Georgie there, I can hear what you're saying about fidgiting, I tried to draw Demyx from KH2 and he ended up looking more like Vash from Trigun... -_-' anywho, congrats on the new shoes! I happen to need to buy new boots my old ones just broke yesterday... >_< and cap locks ROCK!!! Feel free to use them as MUCH AS YOU WISH TO!!! I know that I do! ^_^'
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Yay for George!!! Lookin' EXTREMELY cute there I must add ;)
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woooooaaaaaaaaaa this is amazing!!!

I just...I love it *-*
no more to say xDDD

see you!!
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tinystarkittenHobbyist General Artist
The nose is a little short, but otherwise it's DAMN good! I really like it. It looks pretty realistic too, like an actual portrait.
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I've said it before, I know... but your art. Is getting. SO. GOOD.
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Mmm, George... nice.

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alekitty86fHobbyist General Artist
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Great job!
On the hair especially; it almost has this kind of floaty sense to it.

Okay, I don't think I'm making sense, but I just think that the hair looks pretty realistic! :D
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LinaLeonheartHobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I could play Phantom Hour Glass! But I have no DS T_T
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omg....HOT!!! this is so great....your drawings of the twins are some of the best i've ever seen!!! you capture them so well!
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