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Kri`stak-Class klingon battleship
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Published: December 5, 2018
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Today something completely different.

Inspired by :iconkodai-okuda: and his fantastic models, especially this, I've also decided to create my own version of the STD "Sarcophagus" spaceship.

My version is 1920×1110×351 meters tall. The ship is the last ship of the Kri'stak-Class battleships. These ships were built in the early phase of the Klingon Empire, during the Klingon's first interstellar conquests and were the most powerful spaceships of the Klingon fleet at the time. Especially for orbital bombardment these ships have been used. Therefore, they were named after the legendary volcano where Kahless forged the first bat'leth. Those with these ships were forged the early Klingon empire. Since the Klingon's knew at this time still no photon torpedoes, these ships had a mass accelerator, with which either missiles with fission or fusion warheads could be launched. Or it could be thrown asteroids, with a maximum diameter of 30 m and a speed of up to 50,000 Km/h on a planet.

In the meantime, only one of these giants still exists after more than 1000 years. This serves the respective Imperator of the Klingon Empire as a personal flagship.

The common name in the Federation, Sarcophagus, was caused by a confusion. Even before Captain Archer embarked on his legendary first voyage to Qo'noS, the Earth Starfleet had caught radio messages from the Klingon Empire. Due to the not particularly powerful technology of this time, the intelligibility of the radio messages was very bad. That nobody at this time could Klingon on earth did not help either. But one word was always believed to be understood: Sarcophagus.

Although the long-range sensors of this time were also not very powerful, it was recognized that the recipient of these messages was always one and the same ship. So it was believed that Sarcophagus was the name of the ship.

It was not until much later that this was the traditional salutation in messages for the Emperor aboard the ship: Sa 'HoS che' wo '.
Correspondingly, this means something like:                                                                                                           The/A mightiest/mighty general rules the empire.

The picture shows a situation from the past, when these ships were still the backbone of the Klingon fleet. At that time, the Klingon's still used inner and outer muzzle doors. The upper left ship has closed its muzzle doors, while the lower right ship has its open and ready for launch. In addition to the mass accelerator as the main armament, Kri'stak-Class battleships had over 40 Pulse-Disruptor-Guns. These were evenly distributed over the "wings" and represented an early form of the Disruptor-Cannon, the later standard ship weapon of the KDF.

Model made in: Sketchup
Rendered in: Kerkythea
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has a very early Klingon battlecruiser feel to it! i like!
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Thank you Sir.

So it was planned.
heavenly777protector's avatar
i love the use of a mass driver. very old school weapon of intimidation. also very klingon, brutal and to the point.
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 This is an intriguing design, it clearly has the TOS-vibe :) .

 I like the background story a lot and the role you are giving this ship as time has passed.
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Thank you, Sir.:) (Smile)

I thought the Emperor of the Klingon Empire needed his own ship. The Chancellors of the High Council always use one of the most modern and strongest fighting ships of their time:
 the IKS Kronos One (K't'inga class) for Chancellor Gorkon, a Vor'cha class cruiser for K'mpec and the IKS Negh 'Var for Gowron.

But as a people that values traditions, the emperor will use an old, traditional ship, no matter how inappropriate and outdated the ship is. The emperor finally represents the splendor and glory of the great Klingon empire.:D (Big Grin) 
Chiletrek's avatar
 You are welcome :happybounce: .

 That's so true! Likely the chancellors always like to also be in front lines every now and then, so a mighty ship to inspire fear to the empire's enemies is a must.

 That traditional ship surely has great value for the Klingon people, so the Emperor having it as flagship surely help to keep the Klingon spirit high :nod: .
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Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Excellent design concept and the configuration is spot-on for ST:TOS.
Love the background info as well because it conforms to what the Klingons are/were actually like in terms of their culture over Star Trek's 50-years of TV shows, novels, video games and movies.  Your battleship concept is believable whereas the STD sarcophagus-ship concept is not.  We learned in Star Trek TNG that the Klingons do not keep their dead, so why would they build a ship to house corpses?  Does not make sense.  A flagship for the empire however (as you and I have both conceived of) IS SOMETHING the warrior-culture of the Klingons would have.
The flagship concept for warlike cultures in SF can be found in most Space Opera and some Sci-Fi.  The Zentraedi fleet structure of Macross is a good example and the one that seems to make the most sense when attempting to harmonize ST:TOS and STE ships of the Klingon Empire with the ships from STD.  The large STD ships are few in number, slow, and in some sense only symbols of the power of the heads of the various Klingon houses, some may even be ships of Generals, or Warlords.  Whereas the "D" type ships like the D4, D5, D6, and D7 are the mass produced fighting ships of the Empire that are far more numerous and used by the "Bushido", "Knights", "Squires", or lower ranking warriors of the Klingon Empire.…

Just a few thoughts.
Again, fantastic design concept.  You definitely have made the STD Sarcophagus ship look like it should for the time-frame it is supposed to exist in. :)
Okwa's avatar
Thank you, sir. :) (Smile) 

As for the corpses aboard the sarcophagus. As I understand it, this flying "shrine" was an idea or better an obsession of T'Kuvma.
The screenwriters wanted to show that he has something of a religious fanatic. And maybe a little bit mentally confused. (No, not maybe)

And you are right. Seeing the Klingon ships from STD as flagships is the best way to bring these ships into line with the other series. And the "big leaders" can of course allow themselves some extravagances, like those vile ships. They are no longer warriors but snobs. No, I disagree! 
heavenly777protector's avatar
also, the STD "Klingons" have blocked noses.
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
You are welcome. :)

I hate that Aaron Harberts injected his own bias into Star Trek.
I know that Roddenberry would have done that also if Paramount had allowed him to, and thank G-d almighty that Paramount stopped him or Star Trek would have been a laughing stock that ended in the 1960s.
There is a correct way to address the social wrongs of the day, and an incorrect way to do it, and Aaron Harberts definitely did it WRONG!  You don't butcher the aesthetic of the Klingons just because you don't like a politician or his supporters, that was stupid on Harberts part and I'm glad he got fired.

Thank you, but actually the suggestion came from Captain Foley of Trekyards on Youtube in an off comment when he was discussing how huge the STD Klingon ships were and was trying desperately to make them fit into ST:TOS.  He has ceased doing that now and just refers to STD as the Discovery-verse which does make the most sense. 
Okwa's avatar
Excuse me, sir.

But I do not think the Klingons were changed to criticize any politician. OK, 99% or more of all politicians in the world, as far as I can see in the German news, are arrogant, self-centered, complacent and overbearing. So snobs in the truest sense of the word. But change the Klingon's presentation to caricature it?
No sir, I do not think so. I think they want to emphasize here that in the 23rd century the Klingon nobility still had the power over the empire and the society. Even if the representation of the aristocrats is very stereotypical. Another example is the bridge of the sarcophagus ship. Search google for pictures of the stairwell of Versailles. Or any other European baroque castle. There you will recognize a lot. This was clearly the source of inspiration for the scenes on the bridge.

But I've never been such an extremely big fan of Star Trek that I was interested in what was behind the camera. Or who worked behind the scenes. Star Trek is ultimately just a series.

Although I miss Mr. Rick Berman by now. In German television is running for the 100th time, no no 1000th time:D (Big Grin) , again DS9 and ENT. And I see again, you can argue about some script at ENT as much as you want. On the whole, however, Mr. Berman has done it absolutely right and great. Well, Mr. Berman is 72 and certainly does not want, to do all the stress again.

:thinking: What do Ira Steven Behr, Michael Okuda and Rick Sternbach do? They are at least a little younger als Rick Berman. Maybe these gentlemen would come back? Perhaps?Hopefully?Waaaah! 

Sorry for the attack of nostalgia.;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) 
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
Unfortunately the Klingons were altered to attack Trump supporters as admitted by Aaron Harberts.…

Thankfully, Aaron Harberts was fired and will no longer have anything to do with Star Trek.
The Klingons of the ST:TOS era are supposed to represent the Communist Chinese.
The proper architecture for them is an Oriental look, not a European one so the STD design team screwed up when they made their version of the Klingons.
The Klingon Capital city on Q'onos is a prime example of that architecture.…

It is a combination of Chinese, Cambodian, Indian, and Japanese architectural styles.
So the use of European styles breaks with the established aesthetic and is not compatible with the previous 50-years of Star Trek material.

I'm a life-long Trekkie so I get into the details of what goes on behind the scenes.
Mr. Berman's vision of ENT is not what we got according to him and Doug Drexler (the lead artist).
Viacom (the owner at the time) clearly didn't have a good grasp what Star Trek is/was and they made some serious mistakes with their attempt at a Star Trek prequel to compete with the Star Wars prequels that were out at the time ST:ENT came out. It was a corporate marketing decision rather than a creative decision and those usually mess up the continuity of just about every series it happens with (Code Geass is about to go through this money-milking process unfortunately).

No worries, we need a better team of Star Trek writers and artists than what Alex Kurtzman has working on Star Trek right now.  They don't know what they're doing, and it shows.

Okwa's avatar
Thanks for the link and this information.

I did not know that, because as I said, such events behind the scenes do not really interest me. I enjoy the good show. Not more.

So thank you again.
Kodai-Okuda's avatar
Kodai-OkudaProfessional Digital Artist
My pleasure.

Let's hope that now that Aaron Harberts is gone, no more of that kind of stupidity will blemish Star Trek. :)
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