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SeaWorld's Mothers and Calves


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- Edited the Katina panel to reflect the recent death of Unna and slight edit to Katina's text inspired by a posting by derangedhyena I read.

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Third in my poster series, I want to tear into SeaWorld's completely awful denial of the fact they separate mothers and calves. ~>…

I'm just... disgusted that they flat out lie about this fact. That they never separate them. It's obvious and just a simple bit of research shows this!
So, I compiled the five most bred females in SeaWorld's stock, and all their offspring and calculated percentages of what happened.

Surprisingly, I discovered it's actually worse that I had thought! Not only are so many taken, only one has ever been united with their mother again after separation and that was Kalina! Who also had every single one of her babies taken from her!
Also, in case you are wondering, the percentages are based on calves that SeaWorld purposely separated. The stillbirths and Malia's case of losing her mother were not included in the counts.

So yeah... SeaWorld! Fun for the whole family... Unless you're an orca. Then prepare to have yours ripped apart!

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Before you comment, think twice.
I don't care if you are pro-captivity.
This is facts about the animals presented.
Arguing the point of pro-captivity is a pain and I do not care for it on my art. I have had threats and abuse slung at friends and family before and will not tolerate it here.
If you do not agree to this DO NOT COMMENT. It's that simple.
It's fine to have a discussion, but if you are simply going to bash and call it or me things, then keep it to yourself.

Finally, a great big thank you to James, who assisted with this, and everyone else who has assisted in anyway. You all know who you are and I thank you.

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I am currently reading Death at Seaworld and have read all about these guys. I hate Seaworld, they are money loving, filthy bastards that don't give a shit about their killer whales.