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SeaWorld's Mothers and Calves


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- Edited the Katina panel to reflect the recent death of Unna and slight edit to Katina's text inspired by a posting by derangedhyena I read.

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Third in my poster series, I want to tear into SeaWorld's completely awful denial of the fact they separate mothers and calves. ~>…

I'm just... disgusted that they flat out lie about this fact. That they never separate them. It's obvious and just a simple bit of research shows this!
So, I compiled the five most bred females in SeaWorld's stock, and all their offspring and calculated percentages of what happened.

Surprisingly, I discovered it's actually worse that I had thought! Not only are so many taken, only one has ever been united with their mother again after separation and that was Kalina! Who also had every single one of her babies taken from her!
Also, in case you are wondering, the percentages are based on calves that SeaWorld purposely separated. The stillbirths and Malia's case of losing her mother were not included in the counts.

So yeah... SeaWorld! Fun for the whole family... Unless you're an orca. Then prepare to have yours ripped apart!

Important Notice

Before you comment, think twice.
I don't care if you are pro-captivity.
This is facts about the animals presented.
Arguing the point of pro-captivity is a pain and I do not care for it on my art. I have had threats and abuse slung at friends and family before and will not tolerate it here.
If you do not agree to this DO NOT COMMENT. It's that simple.
It's fine to have a discussion, but if you are simply going to bash and call it or me things, then keep it to yourself.

Finally, a great big thank you to James, who assisted with this, and everyone else who has assisted in anyway. You all know who you are and I thank you.

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I am currently reading Death at Seaworld and have read all about these guys. I hate Seaworld, they are money loving, filthy bastards that don't give a shit about their killer whales.
It's good to see a concious person around! :)
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
Lose-lose scenario I see. Separate mothers from calves (in a lot of cases, most of them are disruptive and causing tension in the pod) and have people complain about it. Not separating mothers from calves and we have another Nalani on our hands.
For further reading (because I don't have a ton of energy right now): (not done by me)
LuckyStarhun's avatar
I have read some articles about orcas and know some things about orca training and I think there is only one problem, that they breed orcas at an age way too young. This is the basic problem that needs to be adressed and 80% of the other issues results from this fact. You may think it's too simplified but this is my opinion. A child woud have similar problems if she is forced to give birth at age 10, for example. Working with fully grown and mature orcas won't make the situation so bad.
Enricthepenguin92's avatar
It's already end of shamu show! :happybounce: 

Love your art. Sent you email with question.

Adleisio's avatar
Do you have a full list of sources and documentation? I think that even though the poster is a quick representation having a full list of resources would help validate the information more.

I am simply asking because as a scientist I value having most of the sources on hand for something like this and that you will have priers and people who might try to claim the information false.
Okura's avatar
Sources I got from are up in the top left of the poster.
Used the websites and checked the details on each animal. Multiple sites give the same details.
Adleisio's avatar
Ooh I was thinking of APA citations or links to the physical articles or PDFs
Okura's avatar
When I use details from science articles, I'll name them in full.
Working on a couple like that as well.
Adleisio's avatar
Ah. Okydoky, I was just wondering because I think the specific URLs might be useful in the comments at least.
Okura's avatar
Previous messages hidden for spam/trolling/general stupidity that makes me weep for humanity.
OrkyDorky's avatar
Out of curiosity,what were they about?
Okura's avatar
What do you mean?
OrkyDorky's avatar
The comments below you you hided.
Okura's avatar
Oh, just someone offensive and stupid trolling.
TehTadpoleJackson's avatar
Seaworld is a corporation, and therefore puts profits first over the safety of its employees, guests, and animals.
Why should a group explicitly formed for the creation of profit be allowed to own and operate a marine animal sanctuary and put the lives of hundreds of animals and thousands of guests in their hands?
The only groups who should ever be allowed to house these animals are non-profit hospitals, shelters, and sanctuaries.
How did they even get ahold of Orcas when hunting or capturing them is explicitly illegal?
scorchwillow's avatar
I won't call you anything, but I don't agree with this. I want to be an orca trainer and I wouldn't dream of it if they separated mothers and calves. 
Okura's avatar
Well, I'm sorry that you do not agree to it, but it is the facts.

Kasatka is in San Diego, Trua is in Orlando, Takara is in Texas and Kohana is in Spain.
That's one family over four generations that has been separated completely. The evidence is black and white there.
scorchwillow's avatar
I guess... I don't know. I don't want to start an argument. 
TrainLiner's avatar
Fuck SeaWorld. They are greedy shits and I hope they get shut down.
LordVaderNihilus's avatar
When i heard that Sea World does this to orcas on Blackfish i couldnt belive it, a bound between a mother and her baby should be protected, i cant belive people does this to orcas, how much pain Sea World is willing to do only to get money?
Andranis's avatar
With at least Taima, they should have stopped breeding her, ever, after the first aggressive incident that resulted in separation from her calf. On the same hand, they shouldn't have been putting them in situations where this kind of stuff would happen... IE, not in captivity.

Reading other comments, I wonder if a part of her aggression was related to the fact she was a cross between two different types of Orca. Not all of it, not by a long shot, but at least a contributing factor.

It also reminds me of something a couple anonymous former trainers from SeaWorld revealed via a Cracked article - Trainers are explicitly told to give false information about the whales and the species, all while wearing suits that will, in the end, leave them with a horrible skin-raw rash. Cruel to the animals, cruel to the 'trainers.' It was between this article and Tillikum's killing of a trainer that I lost even a passive desire to go to SeaWorld(If I even had one... We didn't go to big parks when I was a kid, and when I was a teen, the only big theme park we went to was Busch Gardens Williamsburg; Beyond that, I've only been to Disneyland and Universal studios because my aunt paid for us to go, and any other places we went were actually zoos. I'm happy to say I got to see Keiko while he was in Oregon and on the mend to head back to Finland :) As I recall, he was doing the orca equivalent of napping)
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