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Hello everyone this is me Oktanas bringing a news article called Top 10 Emoticons. In this article I gonna pick a topic and 10 emoticons representing the topic and put them in order from 10 to 1. I think you know how this works.

Few rules:
:bulletblue: There must be an emoticon or a smile in a work.
:bulletblue: It has to be uplouded to DA's any emoticon folder.
:bulletblue: It has to represent the theme.
:bulletblue: One emoticon per deviant.

The best part about this series of Top 10 Emoticons is that it's my top and you can't do anything about it :devilish:

Let's start:

Number 10

make you shine by KatataEtc by :iconkatataetc:
For the start let's clean you and then look at the rest of the top

Number 9
:washclothes: by CYCLER by :iconcycler:
Also you have to wear some clean clothes to see the top

Number 8
Room cleaning by malmu by :iconmalmu:
Also you have to clean your room to see the top

Number 7
:bubblebath: by PunkyB by :iconpunkyb:
Now take a buble bath because you got dirti after cleaning your room

Number 6
Wash. by Weiwa by :iconweiwa:
Next time to clean use this stuff it will even clean a dead emote

Number 5
:thumb132985771: by :iconstevanov:
Next time try to clean this way

Number 4
:wash: by DEIDATVM by :icondeidatvm:
If you got something alive and you want to make him dissapear ues this suff

Number 3
Must clean clean CLEAN by Droneguard by :icondroneguard:
If you run out of stuff that cleans out emotes use them to clean your stuff

Number 2
:clean: by Majunka-aurore by :iconmajunka-aurore:
Also you can use some chemicals to clean stuff

Before the number 1 a quick recap:
#10 Make you clean…
#9 Clean your clothes…
#8 Clean your room…
#7 Take a bath…
#6 Clean up the dead body…
#5 Clean faster…
#4 Clean away living ones doubleyou-tee-eff.deviantart.c…
#3 Clean with other emotes…
#2 Clean with chemicals…

And now for the Number 1
:moneylaundering by LeoLeonardo by :iconleoleonardo:
The most important is to know how to clean your money
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thanx !
glad u like to be mentioned :D
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Awesomesauce. Great, fun article. :nod:
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:giggle: I like how you set up this feature, telling a story as you went. Nice selection up there!
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