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Hello I'm writing my final paper and my topic is "Internet pages development: the pros and the most common mistakes". I need to find out what are the most common features/mistakes the sites add/makes that forces you to stop visiting that site or start yelling that they would change something. Also if you tell what pros you like that would be great to.


Because the school  requires I will be adding a link to this conversation to the paper.

:rock: by MenInASuitcase
You're in the snipers sight
The first kill tonight
Time to die
You're in the bullets way
The White Death's prey
Say goodbye
On AIMP2:…

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Any kind of ad is bad, but mostly the ones that have nothing to do with the site...
And as for good.... When they add a new feature that does not disrupt the previous or current flow/navigation of the site. :la:
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I had a perfect website to link, but it's no loner functional T_T "" [link]
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isn't it beautiful?!
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Advertisements. Not those in sidebars (unless they automatically enlarge upon putting the cursor over it), but those that cover the entire page. I'm fine with it as long as it only does that once, but if it does that for every other page, I'll just close the site. Same for websites that require sign-ups before allowing access to the content. Of course, there are exceptions, such as this website and Wolfram|Alpha (they're just too awesome to hate), but even then, they're still annoying.
What makes my favorite websites my favorite is they're extremely useful and extremely easy to use. For example, Wolfram|Alpha, Desmos, Khan Academy, Codecademy, and Shmoop (however, Shmoop has a problem with their links; you have to click the text and not the large, seemingly clickable area around it, which can be annoying). And then there are webcomics. Those are awesome, too. For example, The Pocalypse, XKCD, and Loading Artist.
Thank you for allowing me to advertise my favorite websites.
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Thank you for your contribution.
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One of the things which will put me off a webpage is music automatically playing. If a page loads and any sort of sound starts playing I will immediately shut the page and pay not attention to the contents. It used to happen on old myspace accounts and is one of the biggest factors which put me off that social media site when it was popular. If music is relevant to the page then there should be up to the user when they start/stop it to ensure if plays at an appropriate time and not when they are already listening to something/holding a conversation it may disrupt.

Another thing which puts me off is a bright contrast between text and background. Examples include white text on a black background, or yellow text on a blue background. Even black text on a pure white background can be painful on the eyes, and a simple change of colours can make a webpage more appealing.

I equally dislike webpages which use headers designed using wordart from Microsoft Word/Publisher. It makes the designs look extremely amateurish which reflects badly on the business such that I don't trust their services/products will be of a high standard either.
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Thank you for your contribution.
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