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Pride ([link]) is one of 7 deadly sins

Envy: [link]
Glutony: [link]
Greed: [link]
Lust: [link]
Sloth: [link]
Wrath: [link]
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treating others with less value then yourself.. basically overexacerating at one's own abilities neglecting those of others
Ugghhzilla's avatar
I always wanted to do a seven sins series!

Even though this one probably as technically tricky to pull off for you as the others in the series I REALLY like this one
Chromattix's avatar
I would make SO much use of this one :lol:
Dreamer-Of-Ravens's avatar
:giggle: You make cool emotes :)
Gargoyle-Haven's avatar
Oops sorry, I thought they were both on the list but that would be eight deadly sins I guess it's personal preference sorry again.
Oktanas's avatar
vanity and pride is the same thing
Gargoyle-Haven's avatar
There's a distinction but they both can mean this.
Gargoyle-Haven's avatar
It's funny I like the eyes. I think you should rename it vanity though, unless you have a better idea for that one.
eos8's avatar
hehe! *i´m so cute*
XaXushqa's avatar
It reminds me... A little bit :lmao:
Except I am not blue. Yet
Oktanas's avatar
*gets ready a bucket of blue paint and a brush*
akthegiant's avatar
Lol seven deadly sins. Good Idea
Droneguard's avatar
What's that thing he has in his hands?
Krissi001's avatar

you could add eyelashes and blond hair :D that would be perfect
Oktanas's avatar
hmmm... i will think
MenInASuitcase's avatar
cute expression! :]
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