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February 18, 2010
Love, and V-day have two sides. The sweet one and the kinky one! Lust by =Oktanas
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Suggested by TheOne89it
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Red emote: Ooh, what do we have here? Another scrumptious young plaything straight out of life and into my bed?
I'm the finger down your spine when all the lights are out. I'm the name on all the men's room walls. When i pout, the whole world tries to make me smile

Lust ([link]) is one of 7 deadly sins

Envy: [link]
Glutony: [link]
Greed: [link]
Pride: [link]
Sloth: [link]
Wrath: [link]

When i was making a blanket I was watching at the lust mood ^^;
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Ahaha, I love this. This is cute.
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:heart: Featured here ---> [link]
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sorry my brother was on my computer
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This has been featured here: [link]
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Lust is a Bad thing??..oh, we're not allowed to have Any fun!X(...

Awesome made, btw;)
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Lust is a Bad thing??..oh, we're not allowed to have Any fun!X(...

Awesome made, btw;)
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to much of lust is a bad thing
MizzAmy15's avatar
oh ok..cause I thought if it was one's boyfriend/girlfriend..hehe^^;
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:love: This piece has been featured in Volume 3 of Random Emote Awesomeness
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Oh yeah, a lot better than that other lust emote.
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lowering one self to the ranks of ebstiality giving in tot he desire of sexual tension.. sex was made for breeding, not for human pleasure.. when using it for that it becomes a sin
FoxClaw100's avatar it's like ...if it's sex with love (like, true love, not just for sleazyness and stupid pleasure, or such) but with no intention of adding another being to the earth (as in, no intention of reproduction), then it's still considered a sin? Just wondering.
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well that kind of depends.. if you take it easy and dont go all wild i guess it wouldnt be a sin.. it becomes a sin due to bestiallity and listening to your body's pleasure, as long as you can stop when you want i guess its okay.. i dont really know.....
but in the end lust isnt a capital sin, like gluttony you have to make it a lifestyle if you want to get punished for it
FoxClaw100's avatar
Aaaah okay ... and not just beastiality (poor animals TT_TT) there's necrophilia too, in the weird side ... but yeah I get what you mean, makes sense =p
Oh, so it has to be like a lifestyle for it to be considered a sin, not if it was only once or such o3o ... okay.
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bestiality has two meanings, sex like animals and sex with animals, in this acse it refers to sex like animals.
im not sure how necrophilia fits in..

a once is not a problem, however unused sexual meanings, like sex with inanimate objects or just pulling yourself of is a sin immideatly.. though once will not immideatly burn a soul.. trust me you have to a do an awfull lot before you ever get burned..
FoxClaw100's avatar
Oh, I thought it was only the part with animals ... and by sex like animals do you mean emotionless and one on top of the other, or like horny crazy people? Necrophilia is sex with corpses, which is like ... oh so wrong ... and with animals, that's really bad too :noes: poor animals ;__;

With inanimate objects? How does that work XD? lol. Pulling yourself off? what does that mean? okay then =p
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lol dont act like you dont understand the last bit
and bestial sex means sex purily for the satisfaction of fysical pelasure.. you know.. keep on going till you drop
as for necrophillia, that is a sub for sex with inanimate objects, liek sex with dolls, using blowups and dildos and all that kind of stuff, sex not involving an oposite gender person
FoxClaw100's avatar
The pulling yourself part? I really don't know what you mean by that ^^; O_o weird ... not like animals have sex for the pleasur,e it's for the reproduction, but saying people having sex LIKE animals means that it's just for the pleasure? Weird. Okay ... and what? Gay sex is a sin >_>? Well, it wouuld be if it's just for the pleasure, but if it's for love (but you don't need sex to show love) it should be okay õ_o
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