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Let battle commence

( pikmin fanart )
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Nice! Reminds me of playing hard Pikmin 2 hacks, like Lands of Torture and Kaizo Edition!

MarkATHFFoster's avatar
Best Pikmin 2 Ever
there are bulborb larva so Steve's screwed
EmeraldXLapis's avatar
"That guy's a trooper... STEVE?!?!?!?!?!"
EmeraldXLapis's avatar
Wow... AMAZING! The best Pikmin art I've seen yet!
Fleezo's avatar
poor red pikmin :(
he is going to die
JAD0N's avatar
Aw shit nigga
TheCreator7777's avatar
Chuggaaconroy fans, let's unite to save Steve!
SkyblueTheLynx's avatar
And then Steve there goes all Levi mode on them and murders everything in that cave singlehandedly
dippygamer64's avatar
Steve the trooper!!!
lonelynightrain's avatar

This is really good.  Great job.

I hope that you have a great and blessed day.
pikkupik's avatar
Its a very big, very scary world for a little Pikmin. But I believe he has this under control ;)
artistpikmin100's avatar
Steve is a Trooper
nickw2004's avatar
Steve is fearless and knows no bounds. I bet my money on Steve to win the fight
BlackYoshi485's avatar
poor pikmin... *i appear and kill all those pesty pikmin eating baddies*
Philoian01's avatar
NinjaMari0's avatar
Dang it Steve! You can't take them all on!
NinjaMari0's avatar
That awkward moment when you're about to make a ref and you already did.
ChrisCatGamer's avatar
I love fan art like this, there's too many stupid/silly drawings for Pikmin. Needs more beautiful art, like this.
Demon242's avatar
Red Pikmin: "I can take all of you on! Who wants a piece of this?! Come on! Come at me! Cowards!" 
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