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Mulan Thicc

Mulan lookin' to bring honor to the thicc =v= <3

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A boy would be rather suited best for her. Rather than an old man.

bigassexpansion's avatar

Living for dat asian butt princess 🧅💯

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In this universe either her father had to join the army, because even she knew the idea of binding anything down to look male was comical.

The army really was 'that' unobservant.

Or they knew perfectly well, but the idea of seeing a woman who looks like that doing all of the exercises they were doing while thinking she was fooling them all was too good of an opportunity to pass up.
24petitloup's avatar
J'y vois une excellente candidate pour être une concubine de l'empereur.

I see her as an excellent candidate to be a concubine of the emperor.
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This surely bring honor 
thelogicalwizard's avatar
She brought thiccness to us all. Meow :3 
Ninjahamster5's avatar
She ain't hiding that ass ;3
Oh, she would make a man out you
MarseT's avatar
big honor indeed
SwordSparks's avatar
It is, in fact, the thicc that honors Mulan. :aww:
oreos69's avatar
All of these characters... are you planning to ruin our childhoods? Ruin them by lewding them?! I like that plan.
Agent-Eli's avatar
Yeah she couldn't the army with THAT booty...
ShadowofLupa1997's avatar

Yay more THICC Disney girls!!~

missael111796's avatar
Definitely a girl worth fighting for.
RIO1996steam's avatar

Went to this picture to search the comments for this exact comment.

Incharan-77BOA7's avatar
No dishonor here! 
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bring those cheeks to the Huns, they'll reconsider invading
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She looks amazing!
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Get that Chinese booty 😍
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